Friday, December 31, 2010

Beautiful 2010

This year has truly been amazing. Besides getting saved, getting married, and having my boys, this year held some of the most amazing things of my life. Life changing things. My first triathlon in May, changed me. It transformed me into an athlete and I discovered a passion I didn't know I had. The two other triathlons, the two 5K's, the 26.1 mile Bike the Coast, and the 10K all gave me fuel to the fire for a healthy life. And the fact that I can run 7+ miles straight with out walking?!! Is right up there next to my first Triathlon.

I am really trying not to sound like a cheese ball right now.

But my life has changed so much this year, and I am so ready and excited for 2011. I am totally confident that I will reach goal this year. I am ready to blast this fat and be done with it.

Dear last fifty pounds,
You have been with me through thick and
thin thick. You've kept me warm, helped me nourish my babies when they were in growing inside me, kept my husband warm, gave me thankfulness for my health I do have, and the journey to shedding you has changed my life. To be honest I wouldn't want a life with out the lessons learned while trying to lose you. I am ready for you to let go now. It's time for us to part. My husband is anxious to hug me and not feel rolls. I am anxious for a healthier heart, gallbladder, knees, hips, neck and back...all which you are hurting at the moment. You have taught me so much about life, love, marriage, health, fitness, and the abilities any normal Curvy Housewife can do. I mean, with out you would I have tried to run? To finish a trithlon? to eat healthy and to provide healthy food for my family? Probably not. So that I thank you for, but I am done with you. Thanks for stopping by for a few years. I won't miss you. Buh-bye.
The Curvy Housewife

My "fresh start" starts tomorrow. This break has been exactly what I needed to re-focus, consider my desires and goals, and plan ahead. I feel refreshed mentally and ready to lose this weight. Triathlon training gets more intense this month. I have laid it all out on two calendars. Yes I really need two. Here's what January will look like for the most part.

Sunday: 5:00 am Long Run 8,9,10, 11 & 12 miles. Followed by an at home Yoga session.
Monday: 9:00 am 1/2 mile swim~speed work, Yoga at gym at 10:00am, Cycle at gym at 5 or 6:30 pm
Tuesday: Abs & Arms early morning before boys wake up. Yoga at gym at 4:30 pm Cycle at gym at 5:30 pm.
Wednesday: 11:00 am long Swim~1 mile, followed by a short run on treadmill~2 mile fartlek.
Thursday: 10:30 am Medium Bike ride with boys in trailer~10-12 miles. Yoga at gym 6:30 pm.
Friday: OFF [a yoga video at home before boys wake to stretch and relax]... deep clean house.
Saturday: Long Bike ride early morning~15-20 miles.

Oh can you tell I fell in love with Yoga? I stretched muscles I didn't know I could my ankles, sides of calf, middle of back, and more. Oh my it was JUST what I needed. Glad I bought my own Yoga mat at Target the other day. :)

I am kicking off the new year with a little detox. I feel I need it. My gallbladder needs it. Tomorrow all I am going to eat is fruit and veggies all day. Banana's and mangoes for breakfast, snack apple, lunch tomato soup and salad, snack, orange and banana and carrots, dinner tomato soup and cooked veggies with a bowl of frozen fruit for dessert.
Sounds a little crazy right? I use to work at LA Weight Loss and the program started with a "Fast Forward" which is similar to what I am doing except you can eat meat and drink a juice they give you and it's for two days. It helps get all the gunk out and bloating gone.
Then I am all ready to start resume WW. Going grocery shopping today.

I've decided... weigh in's will be on Saturday's. Yes. I know I know this is like the 20th time I've changed it. But tomorrow is Saturday and I am starting resuming, and it's a good day to use weekly points allowance.
Here is my year in pictures. I am so thankful to God for this beautiful year, and even though we had hard times, like Davey only working 8 months in 2010, He provided for us the whole time. And when we lost our baby, His grace was sufficient and real. 2010 was a year of blessings.

Beautiful 2010
Cody and I, January 2010
I just gave that jacket [size xxl] to a pregnant friend :) Now happily rocking size L pea coat Davey got me for Christmas.
April, in Hawaii, my great Grandfather's grave in the Punchbowl.
Finished my first Triathlon! May 1
My Mom got married :) May 8
Finished first 5K
My wonderful husband graduated with his Bachelor's degree! May 13
Our 4th wedding Anniversary! August 4
I turned 25 and we went to Disneyland just like I wanted **:)**
Finished my 2nd Triathlon!! September 25
Finished 3rd Triathlon! October 23Finished 26.1 mile Bike the Coast, November 6
After the 26.1 bike ride.. yes I always have to write 2-6-point 1 :)
Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot 5k, Nov 25
Thanksgiving time, November
10K R U N N E R. December 11
Christmas day, December 25. Best gift ever. (p.s that's not even all my bibs:)

Cheers with water & a lemon wedge to a happy, healthy and blessed 2011!!
The Curvy Housewife
(yes, new end to every blog:)


Weightless said...

<3 it all! 2011 is going to have so much in store for us! I'm glad you liked yoga too :)

Adrienne said...

Thanks Sara!! :) me too. I am super excited for us both!