Friday, December 17, 2010

Cycle Auditions & Christmas Challenge Update

Cycle auditions were yesterday at 1:00 pm. My goal was to get to gym by 12:15 pm to practice. My five audition song playlist:
1. Half Way by Black Eyed Peas- Flat Combo (in & out of saddle)
2. Pump It by Black Eyed Peas- Sprints
3. In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins- Long steep hill Slow in and out of saddle. (Yes I will rock this song when I teach.)
4. Only Girl in the World by Rihanna- Jumps
5. Fallen by Sarah McLachlan- Cool down

Let me just say how music disabled I am at the moment. I usually only listen to Christian and sometimes Country. So to find lyrics that weren't talking about getting drunk or doing the deed was hard. Some songs I picked may talk about that and I just don't understand the song.. I thought these songs may be older and was worried everyone would have already heard them in cycle class or taught them before.

Auditions were a group thing. Everyone did everyone's audition while Jackie watched and took notes. It started with Turbo Kick Boxing, then dance, then Zumba.. then cycle. I went first.

Of course...their plug for my iPod on my iPhone was not working. The music kept skipping in and out and I just continued to go and give my intro..but Jackie stopped me and said she didn't want me to have to audition like that. So she said I could go burn a CD and come back at 2:30 with the other group, or reschedule a one on one with her. I choose the 2:30. I grabbed my things and Jessica gave me a big hug and said she was sorry.

I drove fast to Walmart.. literally ran in the store, ran and found blank CD's... and I may have grabbed the first chocolate thing I saw, which happened to be a huge candy cane thing with Hersey's kisses in it. Of which I shoved several in my mouth in the car. Chocolate relieves stress. Didn't you know that?

Got home, burned my playlist, ran back to gym in time for next group cycle. When I got back Jackie gave me a big hug and asked if I was okay, and said she would have cried if that was her. Which I almost did. She gave me the option to go first or last, and I decided to go in the middle. I gave my same introduction.. "Hi my name is Adrienne. I have been cycling for...... I have lost.......I have done 3 triathlons... I am training for a half Ironman... I love cycling!! Let's go!!" I really didn't have an intro prepared. So halfway through Half Way she asked me to give people some cues on form. Not really sure what she wanted I started directing the people to keep upper body relaxed, hands relaxed not gripping the bars super tight, you want it to be all legs, make sure your bum is right above the seat and you should tap the seat with your bum while ridding out of saddle.. Then she said, "Okay great! Thanks Adrienne!!" and it was someone else's turn.

After, Jackie asked me if I felt okay with my audition and I said yes, it was just a little short, and asked her if she saw enough. She said in a whisper, "Yes I saw enough, and if I needed to see more I would have asked you for more." So I hope that's was a good thing. At the end of it all she said it is a short audition because people decide in your intro weather of not they like you. I hope people would like me. I am right there with them, still needing to lose weight.

But you never know! So Jessica, Jackie and the gym manager all took notes, and will be discussing it all and Jackie will call us before Christmas. She said to us all, don't be surprised if she says, "I want you to work on... then come back". So we'll see!!

Christmas Challenge Update:
1. Bike- 48 miles of 150
2. Run- 22 miles of 75
3. Swim-.6 miles of 5
4. Gospel's- In Mark now
5. Plank- Held for 1 whole minuet! check!
6. Tracking food- Not so good. :/
7. Lose 10 pounds- Lost 1 of 10 pounds.. down 1 from last week! yay.

Behind on everything, but still really good for me to have a goal to work towards! I'll see how close I can get. Davey is on his way home.. hurray!! Missed him so much this week.


Weightless said...

Hope you get a call back soon. I know it's hard to wait in anticipation :)

Kimberlynn said...

You amaze me Adrienne...nothing holds you back!!! I'm so proud of you for all you're doing. It's hard being a mom to young children with a husband out of town working, all while you're still working on yourself. And then to add in something as big as this!!! Well, my hats off to you my friend.

And should I be surprised that we have yet one more thing in common. I also love Christian music AND country!!!

Have a great Christmas sweet Adrienne!!!

Adrienne said...

Awe thanks Kimberlynn :) And thanks Sara!

blondevue... said...

Your doing good on your goals! I hope you had a good weekend :)