Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Monica Christmas Run 10K RUNNER!

So I finished the 10K, and ran the W H O L E thing. Yay! And...and...and!!!!!! I ran it in 1 hour 20 mins even (according to my watch which I set right as I crossed "Start"). That's 12.54 min mile people!
Cool thing, I saw Sunshine Hampton from the Biggest Loser there! She ran it too. On the turn around she ran past me and looked right at me, so I shouted her name and waved to her and she smiled, said hi and waved back! So cool. I wanted a picture with her after, but unfortunately my husband wasn't at the finish line because I ran so much faster than he thought I would, and he missed me finishing, so I didn't have the camera to take a picture with her. :( But I tweeted her after the run and she tweeted me back. Really cool. Yes. I am a Biggest Loser fanatic.
Sum up yesterday, S O R E.
I RAN 6.2 miles, than couldn't find Davey, walked 2 miles (1 mile to pier and back) borrowed a cell phone, found him, than walked all over Santa Monica. said a total of 6.14 walked after running 6.2. Total of 12.34 miles on foot people! My hips, knees, and legs hurt.
Shane and Davey ran the kids fun run, he's so proud of his ribbon. I have a feeling that was his first race of many.


dawne said...

How exciting and impressive. Congrats!

Adrienne said...

Thank you :)

blondevue... said...

Thats fabulous!

Kendra said...

Awesome job Adrienne!!

Weightless said...

Congrats! I'm bummed I missed the race. What a great time - and a great accomplishment! You look a lot trimmer too! Great job!

Adrienne said...

Thank you all!! :)