Thursday, December 30, 2010


I wanted to name this post "Rejected" or "Discouraged", but I'm not letting myself be either one of those. I got a call from Jackie at 24 Hour Fitness and she said my audition was really good, my technique was nearly perfect, had room for improvement, but I lacked "essence" with connecting with the class. She said they hired 2 out of 13 people that auditioned, and I am not even sure if either of them were for cycle. If they were no doubt the girl that already works at 24 got a class, but I don't see any new names on the schedule. The "essence" she was talking about is hard to see in a 3 minuet audition to a fake class with a microphone that wasn't working. I am not upset or angry in any way at her or anyone, it's just one of those things.. how can you really see someone connect to a class when it's not a class?
She said to work on that and call her when I am ready and I can try again. Right away I thought, "Oh well. Not meant to be. It's done." But Davey said, "Adrienne! Teaching in the gym is not something they just give to someone have their first try. She wants you to try again. So try again!" So, okay, I will keep trying.
I called all the gyms in our area to apply as well.
Also feeling very down right now because my home church just got hit with some huge turmoil. I'm not going to mention right now what happened out of respect for the family, but it's a huge trial for some dear friends of mine, our pastor and our church.
Right, moving right along to today's topic. Y O G A. I am going in 20 mins to a class. Yup. thought I need to take some time to relax, stretch, and try something to help my headaches. I have taken it before but not in a long time. I know I am really going to hate seeing my body trying to maneuver in ways it normally doesn't and having to see all the fat I don't normally see. Should be fun.
I'll be back tonight with a follow up post. Lot's on my mind and new years is almost here.


Sherri said...

Ok, going to try again. Because it gave me no notification/message if my comment posted. I am sorry about the instructor position :( Good luck with Yoga. I hope you love it! I was so disappointed that I didn't like it. I stuck it out for 3 or 4 months and just couldnt learn to love it.

Kelly said...

I've never tried spin, and I only tried yoga in college. I wasn't a fan. Regarding your church, I understand you don't want to be disrespectful, but it does help talking it out, believe me.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the comment guys :) Yoga was great. Great stretching took place. :)