Friday, March 18, 2011


It's official folks. I am addicted to running. I ran 4.12 miles today, and it just wasn't enough. I wanted to go so much longer, but the boys were in the daycare at the gym. Not to mention all the stuff I have to do before we leave for Morgan Hill on Monday, then we move right after that!

I really didn't have time today to work out at all, but I made some time and took the boys to the gym so they could have a work out in the play place too. We were all so excited. I was so sad that this is one of my last times at the gym here in Lancaster. Don't ask me why I get sad over a gym. I love my gym. And I don't like change.

I can't believe that 4 miles isn't enough for me. Really, I never would have imagined that I could ever run more than 1 mile, and now 4 isn't cutting it. It's A W E S O M E.

Also good news, I am back down a few pounds. Yay! And have you noticed? I changed my goal on my ticker. Wahoo only 17 more pounds to go! I like this. This is what I am focusing on for now.

My week has been insane. The boys dropped a brand new can of pink paint, and the top just popped off, and......yup. Pink paint all over my living room carpet. Spent two hours cleaning it, and scrubbing it with nail polish remover. This is why I had to run today.

If I don't work out, I don't think clear. I do things like this....
So ...I may have accidentally called the wrong man a stud last night [meant to text that to my hubs, but text it to a young single guy who will be helping us with our house]. He really is a stud. Which is why it was so embarrassing. Almost as bad as the time I grabbed another mans hand. And those two are almost as bad as me getting into the wrong car at the drive in, and sitting in it with strangers who were staring at me for 5 mins. Only Me.
Have you ever done anything like that??

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Weightless said...

How I miss running! I think I say that every post. But I totally know what you mean, by it just not being enough.

About your man issues, that would be embarrassing. ha ha I've done something similar. We were at a family gathering, I seen Rich and walked up from behind giving him a BIG HUG. Immediately, I noticed it didn't feel like Rich. It was his brother! I was so embarrassed.

Rich and his brother DO NOT look a like AT ALL. Rich is dark, his brother is white. His brother is really a step brother but they were raised together and we all consider eachother family. Rich's brother was very surprissed and well, I was humiliated. We all laugh about it now.

Adrienne said...

LOL that is SO funny!!!! I know you miss running. I feel for you!! You will be there soon!! Just keep getting better!

J said...

Such a good, positive post!