Monday, March 7, 2011


Went to the gym today intending to do Yoga and get in a good long run. And I did.

I ran 7.08 miles and it was easy.

I could have kept running. There were two reasons I stopped.

1. I got runners tummy (also know as the "Runners Trots" but thats yucky so I don't call it that) and had slow down for a little while, this was around 6.20. I could have pushed through longer and eventually it would have gone away. Of all the things that you suffer through when you run long distances (bloody toes, cramps, fatigue, ect) runners tummy is the worst for me. I've always had a really sensitive stomach since I was a little girl. I hate when my stomach is upset.
And 2. Davey and the boys were waiting for me at home and I already did 45 min of Yoga plus the 97 min run. That's a long time. Aren't they awesome? I just love them.

I am in love with "The Zone". It's a point when you run where you don't feel anything but adrenaline, and you feel like you could go forever. You run harder and stronger. It's amazing!

I can't believe, that me, a Curvy Housewife, that couldn't run 1/2 a mile when I started this journey, and couldn't run over 1 mile 5 months ago with out stopping and walking, can now run 7 miles, with out walking, and it was easy.

Yes, I've ran 8 miles with out stopping, and 10 miles with out walking at all, and I did a 1/2 marathon, but I wouldn't say any of those were easy. This 7 miles, pshhhh. It's got nothing on me. Booya! And that's how I control you BODY! You don't control me anymore, and you haven't in a long time. So get on board.

Do you get runner's tummy? What's your easy mileage? I want to know :)


Christi said...

I hate "runners tummy." I have found I have to really watch what I eat before I run.

Adrienne said...

That makes sense! I should do that too.

J said... I started running in January. I am up to 3 miles now. I cannot imagine 8 miles! How long did it take you to work up to that distance??? Do you run fast? I'm so interested!

Way to go!!!

Adrienne said...

LOL Awwwe thanks J!! :)
I started with C25K, but it wasn't really helping me. So one day I just decided to see how long I could run with out stopping. & I went almost 2 miles. I was shocked and amazed that I could run that far. So I kept increasing my distance by a mile every week or so. I was training for a half marathon though. I am not fast. My usual pace is 13 min miles. If I tried to run faster than that I could not go as far. I've been told to put miles on your legs.... lots of them . then work on speed. Great job on the 3 miles! :)

Kelly said...

I'm so proud of you Adrienne!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Kelly :) said...

Way to go, great run! That's the best kind, when you stop and you're like, WOW that was easy!!!
I hate runner's tummy, I get that a lot too, no fun!

Kimberlynn said...

Good for you!!! I can't wait to start running and when I read posts like this it makes me want it even more.

I'm so excited that you're moving here!!! When?

blondevue... said...

That is so good! You are doing amazing :) I get runners tummy, it hurts so bad. I get it every time I run. Yoga sounds good too! Hope that you have a great day, stretch that soreness eh?? :D

Adrienne said...

thanks everyone! Did stretch Tori ;) was nice and sore!
Kimberlynn, by the end of the month!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great job. 7 miles on a tread mile? That is hard core

Adrienne said...

Awwww thanks :)