Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me. I appreciate it all so much!! and Kimberlynn, def have to get together!! My husband spoke with our new pastor today and he suggested hiring a secretary, maybe one of the ranch boys that is doing really well. So we'll see what the Lord has. I wouldn't mind doing it, especially from the house, but with this morning sickness it's been stressful.

I'm still feeling homesick quite a bit. Just missing California a lot. But I know this is where God wants us. Last night Davey, the boys and the ranch boys had a blast swimming in the lake on the ranch and jumping off the rope swing. Not Shane and Cody, they are too young... lol.

This lake does have Water Moccasins in it, which is a poisonous snake. But I guess they don't want any part of people so they scurry off. I wish you could have seen Davey and all the guys and my boys and our two dogs swimming. It was so cute. Our puppy Bell would literally jump off the side and fly into the water. It was so cute.

One of the ranch boys that has been on restriction ran away last night while we were all at the water. The sheriff picked him up after about 6 hours of everyone looking for him. Sad. He won't be back at the ranch this time because this is his second time running away. My husband has been really sad about it.

Still no internet at the house. I am at McDonalds again. Hopefully this week we will have the internet and phones that get service!! Love you all, thank you for reading.


Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kimberlynn said...

I'm sorry you're so homesick Adrienne. I'm sure it will get better with time. I felt the same way when I moved here. But now I can't imagine being anywhere else.

I can't wait to get together!!!

Weightless said...

<3 The rope swings and swimming reminds me of summers gone by spent with all my cousins. I know it's hard to adjust. I can't wait until you have regular internet! I miss regular updates - ha ha.

Water mocasins - scary. I don't think I would swim. I found a frog in our pool today and I'm a little freaked! ha ha

Sharon said...

Hopefully, you will get to explore Chattanooga soon. The Riverwalk is a 10 mile paved pathway that is just wonderful to walk, run or bike. There is a wonderful playground area in front of the aquarium where the boys could play while you ran if hubby has a day off any time soon.

Adrienne said...

Sharon that sounds awesome!! I found a paved walk/run way in Cleveland where I plan to go VERY soon. Can't wait!
Kimberlynn, where did you move from?? I'm so glad you wrote that comment, because now I am looking forward to feeling that way.
Sara, a frog... lol! We have frogs all over here. Davey just caught a big one last night. Miss ya:)