Monday, April 25, 2011

Trip to the ER

I was at Walmart this afternoon. Just me, Shane and Cody. I just started shopping. So excited to get a lot of groceries. Lord knows we need them. I couldn't wait to buy all the healthy foods we had been use to eating.
Shane has a Superman shirt and has to wear it just about everyday. I am always washing it. He likes to wear it under a button up dress shirt and a tie, so he can open the middle button of his shirt and show everyone he is Superman.
We were looking at the Superman shirts to get him a new one, when I had THE WORST PAIN of my life in my stomach. So so sever I could barley walk. It was so sudden. I managed to get us to the bathroom, where I sat in total agony crying trying not to faint. I am not exaggerating here. My only clear thought was call an ambulance. I called Davey, he said he would be right there. Remember Walmart is about 35-40 minuets from our home. I called Mrs. Grubbs, the couple who hired us here. Her and her husband came straight there. I managed to get to my van when I had a slight relief of pain after about 15 minuets in the bathroom stall.
Mrs. Grubbs took the boys for me and Bro. Grubbs waited with me for Davey to come.
I didn't know if this was something to do with the baby, my Gallbladder or what. I knew that the pain wasn't in my uterus, but because the pain was so severe I started to get cramping in my uterus. I hadn't eaten anything fatty or greasy to give me a Gallbladder attack, so what was it?? Davey got there, then we followed Bro. Grubbs to the ER.
I got in right away. There was no one there.... never been to an ER like that. I was seen right away and the doctor ordered blood work and an ultra sound to see if the baby was okay.
We waited for hours for the ultra sound. The pain had gotten a little better and I rested while we waited. I mentioned my "history" (in quotes because I was never officially diagnosed with Gallstones) with Gallbladder attacks but she didn't want to focus on anything until we knew how the baby was.
Finally we had the ultra sound. The nurse told me she couldn't tell me anything, we would have to wait till the doc told us if the baby was okay. She could tell I was worried. She said my symptoms seemed like Gallstones but she wasn't allowed to check because it wasn't ordered.
I said to her, "Can you please tell us if there is a heartbeat??" She said, "Let me see what I see first okay?" Which I knew meant, she wouldn't say anything if there was no heartbeat, but she would tell us the good news if there was.
Fifteen minuets go by and she doesn't tell us anything. She doesn't point to the baby or it's heartbeat, nothing. I was getting tears in my eyes, I was worried. So was Davey. Then she turned on the sound and...........let us hear the Baby's strong heart beat. Thank you Jesus!
Then she said, "Hang on a second, I want to see something" as she moves the knob to my Gallbladder. She shows another nurse the screen then says, "You know how you said you think it's your Gallbladder? Well you should get it checked. That's all I can say."
Thankfully she told my doctor what she saw and they confirmed I have several Gallstones. Pregnancy hormones can worsen them. The doc informed me there is nothing they can do for me while pregnant. There is nothing I can take for the pain except Tylenol. I am now on a strict diet of no butter, oil, grease, spices, whole milk, fast fatty foods. It is EXTREMELY important that I stick to it...if I have another really bad attack and it ruptures or becomes inflamed I would need emergency surgery. My blood tests came back negative for obstructions or inflammation...Thank God.
I was able to leave the ER after being there for about 6.5 hours. We were starving so we went to Subway and I got a veggie delight... on oat bread, with just mustard. It was actually good!!
I'm worried though. When we travel with the ranch boys we eat out.. and yes I know I can get a salad, but you just never know what they use to cook the food.
It's actually a blessing in disquise. Maybe this is God's way of helping me not to gain too much weight this pregnancy. It's just one more reason to get back on the healthy food train.
Would appreciate prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

By the way, when it rains it pours. Last night Davey knocked at the back door. I went, opened it, and when I did in ran a HUGE wolf Spider. As big as a golf ball. They are all over here right now. They look like Tarantulas, but less hairy. Davey screamed, then I saw it and screamed, slammed the door shut, grabbed Shane by the shirt, locked us in my room, and realized this huge spider is in my kitchen and Davey is outside. Well he was the hero, he came in and killed it. It had eggs all over it. OH my yuck. I still get the chills when I think of it. He killed two more outside our house too. Some may think that isn't a big deal, and some may call me a city girl for being scared of a humongoud spider, but whatever. I don't even want little ones in my house okay? Okay.

Satan may be trying to discourage us, and the Lord may be allowing trials to see how faithful we will be, but WE WON'T QUIT. This is God's will and we are staying put. Now please don't let a snake be in our house or yard okay Lord? Thank you.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Teamarcia said...

Oh how scary! Glad you're ok but be careful with that gallbladder. I have 2 friends who experienced that: one had her baby and had gallbladder surgery right after the other is on her last couple weeks before delivery.
All good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Adrienne said...

Thank you!! :)

J said...

I will be praying for you...I've had gallbladder issues. Stay strong!

Amanda said...

Oh you poor thing! I had the exact same thing happen to me just recently while pregnant with my last. I went to the ER 3 times during the pregnancy and they really could never tell me what was wrong. It wasn't until a few months after the birth I had one of the WORST attacks of my life. Much worse than being in labor. Ended up in the ER with severe Pancreatitis (very common with gall issues) and of course those stones. Spent a few days at the hospital and had to have it removed. Sad b/c I had a 3 month old infant to care for at home and spending nights in the hospital is not what I needed! This was last March and upon getting it removed I have never had any problems. It was the best thing for me. The gall attacks are very common especially during pregnancy and when you lose/gain weight. If you end up having it removed at some point, it's not that bad. Four tiny little cuts in your tummy and through the belly-button. You will be back to normal in just a few days. Good Luck!!! It is AWFUL and I feel for you.

Weightless said...

I'm glad you and baby are ok :)

Kimberlynn said...

I read this the other day and meant to come back and comment. Please forgive me that my life has been crazy. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your gallbladder. I get it!!! My problems started in my second pregnanacy. I finally had it removed 3 months after a horrible miscarriage. It was so so hard. I'm praying for you my friend.

Love and blessings!!!