Monday, May 23, 2011


Or LACK thereof. I have been B U S Y. To say the least. My Mom visiting, trip to Alabama, finally home, trip to Georgia with the ranch, home again, busy day today working ALL day. Seesh. I am
T I R E D. My house is in shambles, and I have piles of laundry ceiling high in every room. So I am sitting on my couch right now writing this blog, and I am thankful for the rest.
Two weeks ago (? can't remember anything these days), I signed up for the Jogger Mom Marathon, to run 26.2 miles before May 31. I saw it on Turtles blog and thought it was great motivation. How far have I ran you might ask?? ZERO. That's right, big fat 0. Ugh. Sad, but it's okay, because I've been so busy. It's not that I didn't want to.
Visiting with my sis and her family, and my mom was so much fun. The boys had such a blast with their cousins. Davey was so busy last week, he didn't get a day off until we had left for AL, so we didn't have any time together last week, and none since we got home really. We are itching to get some family time.
I hope things will settle back down soon and I can get into a regular running routine again. I want to run the Country Music 1/2 marathon in April which is only 4 months after the baby is born, so I have to stay somewhat conditioned.
I am already showing. I tried to put it off as long as possible because you know, the phase. The phase where you look bigger, but it's not noticeable that you are pregnant. So I just look FAT. Apparently you can't put off showing when your pregnant. But it's okay. I'm actually really happy to be showing cause I can eat and get full, then not have to worry about sucking it in. You know? I just look 4 months pregnant after dinner instead of 3. And, of course I am thrilled the baby is growing and my body is taking care of him/her :)
Can't wait to find out the gender! 6 more weeks. Yay!!
Let's talk about the heat real quick. No no not that one, you silly. The heat outside!! Yuck. I miss the dry heat. The heat brings out bugs and SNAKES! I've already seen too many on the road while driving. Davey told me the other day he saw a snake crossing the road near our house and he tried to run it over but he missed. I said, "UGH!! Why do snakes even try to cross the road??" Davey says, "To get to the other side. Bahahaha!!!" and he cracked up for like 5 minuets. So not funny. I hate snakes.
So, I gotta get my run on. I HAVE to figure this out.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Teamarcia said...

I am with you on the anti-snake sentiment. I saw one the other day too. Ick.
Glad mama and baby are doing well! : )

safire said...

:) Hope you are doing well! Hope you catch up with all the house work.

Kendra said...

Just do what you can!! And laundry=my nemesis. you are not alone.

Lyndsay @ Thinspiration said...

AHH!! Snakes are my BIGGEST I would HATE that!! I can't look at pictures of them without getting seeing them all over the place would be my nightmare!!