Monday, May 16, 2011


My Mom is here!! Yay! Picked her up from Atlanta Airport last night. So happy to have her. She made the boys each a cape, one Superman and one Batman. [my boys, not the teenage ranch boys. Although they would probably enjoy running around with capes on] They LOVE them. =)

She is making the ranch boys dinner tomorrow night, and I am excited. They always ask me why I cook so good, and I say, "My mom, and my Grandma taught me!". I also learned a lot from my Mother in law. But some of the things I've made for them has been my own learning. And that's the fun part of cooking. Cooking for 20 people is very time consuming and sensitive...I mean you can burn something so easy because you are busy doing the side, or main meal.

My Gallstones have been really bad. Lately I can't tolerate even 5-8 grams of fat. And do you know how hard it is to eat NO FAT all day everyday?? It's such a pain. Literally. Can't wait till this little baby is born so I can get it taken care of. I can feel stones in my back, and they hurt.

I have a feeling I have lost more weight. I'll weigh in soon.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kendra said...

You need to have a little bit of fat to help with baby's development! I know that it is hard to find things to eat, but try to find something so your little (girl) can grow to be big, strong, and smart!!

Adrienne said...

That's what I thought as well. I eat granola and yogurt to get a little fat... hope she will be okay ;) wink wink about the she.... haha

Kimberlynn said...

I'm so sorry that your gallbladder is still giving your problems. I remember how hard it was for me in my second pregnancy. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Kimberlynn!!