Friday, May 27, 2011

Never Going Back

I was laying in bed last night, and had this Light Bulb moment.

I am never going back to the way I was. EVER!! I have changed my life already. Even though I am still not at my goal weight. Even if, God forbid, I gain ALL the weight back in the next 6 months of this pregnancy, I will lose it all, and get to goal. I will. Running the half marathon truly changed my life. All the triathlons, the bike races, everything, each one I proved to myself that I CAN do A N Y T H I N G. I am no longer scared of gaining weight or of the scale. Although I am still striving to, for once, have a healthy weight gain at the end of this pregnancy. This is the most awesome thing I have ever realized about this journey:
I AM CHANGED!! I AM NEVER GOING BACK! I won't be a couch potato (although this trimester has put me on the couch more than I would like) watching others go by doing great things, because I already know, I CAN DO THEM.

I've always been obsessed with my weight, even when I was 140 pounds. But.... I get it now!!! I can't tell you how good it feels to accept where I am, with confidence, knowing I can and will achieve any goal I desire to. Yup. I will run another half marathon, even if I have to start training from scratch. I will run a FULL marathon like I had planned. I WILL do a Half Ironman like I was training for. [Lord willing for all this of course].

These things changed my life.......

My first ever race. Avia Wildflower Triathlon a year ago this month. My first ever 5K. Santa Monica classic, a year ago this month.

My 2nd Triathlon, See Jane Run, Sep 2010
My first HALF MARATHON!! & my favorite race ever. Huntington Beach Ca Feb 6, 2011
Can't forget my third triathlon, my other 5K's, my 10K which was the first race I ever ran the whole thing, and my Oceanside 26.1 mile bike-a-thon. Yes I had to list them all. ;)
Since my very first race a year ago this month, I have lost about 30 more pounds. And 57 all together. There is NOTHING I can't do, and there is nothing you can't do.
I thank God for giving me the strength to finish all these goals, and for all the weight I lost, and that I know, HE will help me finish. I have had a changed mind, a brain change, a break through. I won't ever stop setting goals and striving to achieve them.......

I am never going back.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Christi said...

You go girl!

JenniferRaushel said...

I'm never going back either!!! :)

LOVED looking back on your accomplishments with you! Way to go!