Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving, excuses & schedule

This morning I had another horrible gallbladder attack. It was one of the worst, because it persisted. My neighbor had to come over and watch my boys for about an hour. Sheesh. I called my doc and he wants me to make an appointment with a surgeon. He said the attacks can be more harmful to the baby than the surgery would be. Yikes.
I do watch what I eat, really really I do. Last night we went out, and I got a salad, with "fat free" ranch (but do you ever really know eating out?) two small pieces of pizza, which I took off all toppings, even the cheese, and plain pasta. Oh and a bite of the boys desert. :/ It must have been all that made me so sick this morning. Even that you wouldn't think would have a lot of fat? I hate that I can't go out with out getting sick. Anyways....

After several hours today of just resting, I was so sick of feeling sick, and tired, and no energy at all, that I decided to do a short work out video. Denise Austin's Fit & Firm pregnancy video. It was a little easy so I added some squats and arm rolls. I MOVED for a total of 20 minuets. I am an "all or nothing" gal. I make excuses to why I don't work out these days. And some are legit, but here are most of them:

It's too hot.
The Greenway (walking path) is too far.
I have no energy.
There are snakes outside.
There are ticks outside.
I don't have a gym pass, and even if I did it's too far.
I feel like I am going to throw up.
I am too busy.

ect ect ect.

Getting down to it though.... if I can't have an amazing work out and run 3+ miles, bike 10+ or swim, I don't think it's worth it. I am realizing... that's not true!! I can do 20 mins at home, or walk 1 mile. There is nothing wrong with that. It would probably help me feel better too.
I am looking into getting a gym membership. It would really help me a lot to have a schedule and a routine again. I am a broken record these days, up's and down's. Sorry!! OOp I actually just called this gym I've had my eyes on, free childcare, lots of classes, and prices starting at $ you know it could go up but, that's not too bad. Only thing...No pool :( I'll have to drive to Chattanooga branch if I want to swim. Something I am excited about that they have is...rock climbing!! Sounds fun!!

Here is a sample schedule I hope to be able to follow. I know you are so interested.

Days when we have the ranch boys 3 days a week (not Sundays)-
Wake up at 7:00 am, read bible, eat breakfast, get boys ready.
8:30 am leave for gym.
9:00-10:15 am work out
9:30 am Head home
10:00 am shower get dressed, snack
11:00 am make ranch lunch
1:00 pm office work
3:00 pm home

1-2 Days off work-
Wake up at 8:30 am Bible, boys, breakfast
10:00 am leave for gym
10:30-12:00 pm work out
12:15 pm Any running around, have snacks with us
1:00 pm Home, lunch, boys nap

Other days..REST.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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