Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weighing In

191 this morning. I don't know exactly what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. I think it was around 190....?? So, I am doing really well. 13 weeks today. Yesterday(12 weeks 6 days), in my last pregnancy, is when I mis-carried. I was happy to wake up this morning and remember I have a healthy baby growing inside me.
I got very sick this morning though. I think it was my gallstones again. I have been watching my fat, but last night I had a little Tortellini and garlic bread that I made for the ranch. I'm not sure if it was that?? Or if it was the coffee I had?? But all the sudden I was in so much pain. Then I started to get hot and sweaty, and knew I was going to pass out at any moment if I didn't lay down. I called Davey, could barley talk...said..."Something is wrong, so much pain, gonna pass out...come home please." I heard him say, "I'm coming." then I hung up and fell to my bed. I took some medicine, and laid there. Davey was home with in 2 minuets, (Thank God he works on the property). Poor guy, whenever I say I don't feel good he thinks it's something bad to do with the baby. He took care of me for a bit, then got the boys dressed and brought them to the assistant director's wife who is also my neighbor, she offered to watch them.
My husband has been such a trooper through these 3 months. I have been a crazy hormonal wreck, so sick a lot of the time, house is always a mess and behind on laundry. Yet he loves me.

Now I am resting, but I have to get up and get ready. I have a WIC appointment and really need to go.
I hope my comments is working?? I heard it wasn't the other day..
Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Kimberlynn said...

Oh Adrienne, I sure hope you're okay. I know pregnancy is hard, and made harder by gallbladder problems. I'm praying for you sweet friend. And remember, when it gets bad just repeat to yourself...this too shall pass!!!

Love and blessings!!!!