Sunday, July 10, 2011

18.5 Weeks

Baby boy is growing good. He didn't look deprived at all!! He actually looked a little chubby :D
I am very happy to announce my mid-wife said we can schedule to be induced at 39 weeks. Horray! Which means, no being 9 days late like I was with Cody, and no 45 minuet painful drive to the hospital. Cody came in 4 hours from first contraction. I was at the hospital only a couple hours before he came. I heard each child comes quicker, so I really don't want to have the baby in the car. Ha! Also my Mom or Mom in law will be able to be here for the birth.
We are brainstorming names. Here is what we like so far, tell me what you think:


At my ultrasound the baby weighed 7 oz. :) I am really showing now, I feel like this week my tummy pooped out!!

I have been feeling so much better, and I love to eat food. FOOD. Yes, I am no longer deprived. And I still have not gained any weight. whoo hoo!

Oh and so excited............ WE LEAVE FOR DISNEY WORLD LATE MONDAY NIGHT!!! WHOO HOO! WE WILL BE ON VACATION FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS. Much needed family time. We are going to the beach in Florida after Disney, for one night. I can't wait to see the ocean. Even if it isn't the beautiful Pacific. I LOVE the beach.

We could really use a vaca. Tonight is the 3rd night we have had a ranch boy stay with us in our home. Which means my hubs and I have not slept together for a few nights. He sleeps on the couch to stay "on guard". He is the worst though. I wake up to check on everyone and I can't even wake him. Haha.
We said good bye to a young man today that we love very much. We even offered him to live with us. We will be praying for him and his future and this last few days have been very tear filled. Can't wait to escape for a while and be just us 4 (5) :]

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Kelly said...

I like Beau & Ryder. Oh, and Ryan.