Saturday, July 2, 2011

BOY? or GIRL???

Wednesday afternoon, we find out what the baby's gender!!!!! What do you think it is???? I personally really think it is a girl and will be totally SHOCKED if it's a boy. But never say never, because I have several friends who say they were positive the baby was a boy/girl just to find out the opposite!!! I am so excited to see what God has blessed us with. I will honestly be so happy either way. You can never have too many boys. But I am SO ready for a girl. I want a pink princess:)

I am still recovering but doing much much better now. I was/am having some of the same pains as a gallbladder attack, but they are not lasting as long. I was freaking out thinking I had surgery for no reason, when I went to my post op appointment and the doctor told me it was totally normal. He said they are "Phantom Pains". So odd. He also said they tested my gallbladder and it was diseased with a name I can't remember... and had eight stones in it. It was totally not functioning and just bad news to have it in my body. I am glad I had the surgery, that I am feeling better [other than the cold that won't go away], and most of all for my baby's health!! I felt him/her move for the first time the other day. I want to just lay down and wait until I feel it kick. Can't wait until I feel movements all the time.

Just a thought I have been thinking about since church on Wednesday.....we had a guest preacher. He had 10 kids, his oldest son died in a car accident so now they have 9. He is from Long Beach Ca, and we love this family having heard them and done church activities with them in Southern Ca. He told us how, one day he was playing basketball with 5 of his boys. Afterwards, he took them to get a 7-11 slurpee. He only had $5 cash so told them they could each have a small one, for $0.89. They moaned and groaned and complained about how it was barley big enough, and they couldn't get all the flavors in the small cup. When one of his boys said, "Dad, it's ok if you don't have enough, I don't have to get one. I'll just drink water at home." So sweet huh!? Well that Dad was so touched, he instinctivly reached for the biggest cup they had, which was enormous, and started filling that cup up with all the six flavors. While his other boys said, "Hey dad what are you doing?? I thought you didn't have enough? That's no fair!!!....." and he said, "Don't worry about it..I'm getting a big ONE!!!" and he pulled out his Debit card, and used it for just the big one, and bought the four small ones with his cash. He gave the huge slurpee to that sweet boy who showed graditude, and contentment. That little boy smiled the whole way home, while the other boys mumbled to themselves with their small slurpees.
Isn't that so true to how God is with us?? He preached from Heb 13, and it spoke of contentment. I struggle with being content. But if we are just thankful to God for what we have, which is A LOT!!!!!! He will in turn say, "Oh, you think that's good...well you haven't seen nothing yet." and pour out blessings to us. Don't you want to give and do for your children if they are being good, and if they are thankful?? But if they wine and complain and are discontent, then we don't want to give them anything. Well God still does want to give us all kinds of blessings, but our [my] bad attitudes hinder us.

Anyways... BOY OR GIRL??? I'll let you know Wednesday!!!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kelly said...

Since you want a girl, I hope it's a girl, for your sake. But just feel blessed & lucky no matter what sex the baby turns out to be! Hope you get back to 100% soon!

Jennifer said...

love that story the pastor shared. So true!!

Crossing my fingers for a girl! :)

ANewMe18 said...

So thankful to hear you are doing better! Looking forward to your big announcement on Wednesday too. :) Love the family you were talking about too, and good illustration. HUGS & Happy 4th of July! :)