Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiny Tummy

"You've done been SHRUNK tiny toilet!" bahaha couldn't resist. Despicable Me is the funniest movie ever.


So we had an amazing vacation. I will update a post about it as soon as I upload the pics. The boys had such a blast at Disney World. And almost just as much fun in the awesome pools our hotel had. Water slides for them....yeah they had a blast. I loved having my husbands total undivided attention. It was a refreshing and renewing family time. We all just feel so much more in love and stronger than before. After Disney World we had a great 24 hours in Daytona Beach. I love the beach. I was sad for it to all to end.

So...about the tiny tummy. Mine, yes. Outside of the tummy? No way. never has been tiny. Inside?? T.I.N.Y. What does that mean? My tummy has been shrunk! I could hardly eat 1/3 of any of my meals while on vacation. I would be full after just 3 bites!! No joke. My husband was getting extremely annoyed with me. Haha. I would get this amazing dish, and after 3 bites, I was like, "I can't eat ANYMORE. I am so full!" It was so odd.

I suppose it's just because of the strict diet I was on the first 4 months of being pregnant. It's a blessing, I know, but I also wanted to eat all this amazing food I ordered.

Walking around Disney for 4 days is a lot of exercise. I figured I either maintained or maybe gained a pound. My stomach is really growing and so is the baby. I can feel him moving around a lot, and he feels heavy. My back aches, my feet are swelling a little, ect. I am half way now. whoo hoo!

I got on the scale this morning and I did gain a pound. Still down 3 from when I got pregnant though.

I'll tell you a quick funny story. After our last night at Disney we went to an amazing tropical restaurant near our hotel. They boys were both passed out from the long fun day, so we laid them each on the booth, and Davey and I got a nice quiet romantic date (except for the feet in our laps). Our waiter was from Africa, and I said something "Blond" to him. My husband responded to me, "I wonder if he knows about blonds" (meaning dumb blonds). I say, "I don't know. Do you know about Blogs?" Then proceeded to have a conversation about blogs while him and my husband totally stare at me. After the waiter walked away totally confused, my husband told me what he really said, and we just busted up laughing and couldn't stop. I AM so blond. Love it.

Will update soon with lots of pics :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Sharon said...

Glad you are back in Tennessee safe and sound. Also glad you did so well. It must have been incredibly hot in Florida. Disney is exhausting at any time, but can't imagine navigating around it in the hot, crowded July summer!!

Christi said...

Yay for great vacations!