Friday, September 9, 2011

Fantastic Friday- RUNNING in Skirts

I think it's fantastic there is a running skirts movement going on. I love the company Running Skirts, even though I don't own anything from them *yet*. They are a huge motivator and supporter of all women running. They have things for pregnant women runners, mommy runners, conservative runners, stylish runners, athletic runners, beginner runners, advanced runners, and more. They even have things for baby's of mom runners. How awesome!

I read on KatieRUNSthis blog about an article in Runners World recently put out. This article is on Running Skirts/fashion run ware and it got SLAMMED by tons of WOMEN. Yes. Women against running in skirts. Some comments were for the stylish running attire, some hated the thought of ANY woman running in a skirt. Here were some of the worst comments:

"NO NO NO. As a women I am sick and tired of being told to embrace my feminine side. Running is not about fashion, it's about just running, or gutting out the 32k training run, or busting your butt at the track doing speedwork, finding some inner peace on the trails, or just enjoying a run. If you are concerned about your appearance, there is something drastically wrong. I get fancy dress and a bit of fun at a race, but I can't stand the high-fashion girly thing. We should not be judging or admiring our female athletes because of what they are wearing. Fashion is fine on cat walks but it should keep of the asphalt. If they choose to wear pigtails, or red dresses or tanks and arm warmers (how is that a fashion statement?) that's fine, it's their choice. But that is not what we should be celebrating about them. I am sick to death of trying to find womens running gear and being faced with wall to wall pink, flowery patterns and 'yoga style' clothing. What is wrong with shorts and a t-shirt. "

"I agree with himanture..this just adds to the stereotype that all girls are frilly. plus some of those items are stupid and excessive. I mean anyone has free-will to buy what they want, but thats just my two-cents. plus I looked at one site, and one article of clothing cost $98????!! and why would you feel bad about the way you look if your running? Let me guess, your casually jogging 3 times a week? and yes, I AM going there."-CassC9

"woo hoo look at MEEEE I'm a middle child and didn't get enough attention growing up." -Aponi

"This is what I get out of this article: women have a low self-image so they need to look "pretty" to get attention because they can't do it on merit and are dumb enough to spend oodles of money to do so."-sportbikeless

Can you BELIEVE these people? I'm sorry, but who are YOU to judge anyone about what they wear on OR off the pavement? WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING FEMININE?

And I've got news for you CassC9......YOU did NOT invent running (God did!!!), it's NOT yours to claim, ANYONE can do it, and if anyone runs/jogs/walks 3 times a week.....guess what??? THEY ARE RUNNERS TOO.

Everyone has their own style and comfort for running. I had just asked my Mom to make me a longer running skirt for Christmas because the ones I saw online were a little too short for my likings. Again, personal preference! I don't judge anyone who wears shorter ones, or anyone that wears shorts, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, or all kinds of bright beautiful running apparel {which I think is awesome..bright compression socks? YES please!}

Here is a picture of a skirt I adore and asked my mom to make for me but a little longer...
But what do you know.....they have long skirts too!! The Spirit Skirt.

I also LOVE this maternity running skirt!!!

Running isn't just for Elite athletes. People have been running since Adam and Eve. Running whether you run/walk a 15 minuet mile, or a 5 minuet mile, you are a RUNNER. From 1 mile, to 26.2 miles, you are a RUNNER. It's no ones right to say who is a runner and who is not, or what someone should wear or what they shouldn't while running.

As long as you are appropriate, as in I wouldn't cover my 3 year olds eyes as you ran by, than wear what makes your running fun, comfortable, and convenient. I DON'T think most women wear running skirts so guys will check them out, most of these women I think are married and mothers. I think they wear the skirts because they like to dress fashionable, look pretty, for comfort, and convenience.

Whether you are overweight, slow, pregnant, beginner, intermediate, competitive, athletic, elite, fast, skinny, tall, short, do long runs, short runs, medium runs....RUNNING IS RUNNING. Period.

And can I just say..... I don't admire elite female athletes that get paid to train 6 days a week 8 hours a day and run a 2:20 marathon. Nope. Not one bit. {I'm not saying I wouldn't love to be sponsored one day...!!!} But that's their job, they get paid to do it.

I admire a Mother who works hard to raise her family, who runs a household, perhaps holds down a job, is a wife, a cook, a homemaker and somehow.....finds time to RUN. Whether she runs 5K's now and then or is training for a marathon. That's who I admire.

AND......{last and...} I don't desire or admire a pro athletes 100 pound body. I don't judge them for it, that's what they like and want for their body....but I like my curves. Yes even though I am not at goal weight yet, I don't EVER desire my bones to stick out, or to fall.. scrap my knee and see my bone, or my chest to dwindle down to nothing....Nuff said.

Run on all runners.
Walk if you prefer! Like I am shame in walking!!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


blondevue... said...

I love the idea of running skirts, they are super cute, feminine AND look pretty functional!

Adrienne said...

They are!! They are eqipped with pockets and shorts underneath. They seem nice. :)

Katie said...

I love those running skirts--and would love to buy them! Some people will get upset over anything...I think it was a serious overreaction in those comments...seriously...

Sweet Nest said...

This made me giggle! So funny how women don't want to be feminine, but masculine at times. How would we feel if men were feminine?? Lol... I can never find shorts that fit me right, and one time in college made a culotte skirt, well not as big a culottes are, but thin material, with slits on the side and it was so comfortable. I don't wear women's shorts because I'm too tall, and men's shorts ride up on me when walking and running! You get the picture, lol! I'm going to check out their site and maybe consider making another one!! Thanks for this post. :)

Addie alexa said...

Just love this skirt's designing and color.Looks really cool for girl's stuff.