Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In

I remained 199 all week long. It. Was. Good.

Than, I weighed myself yesterday morning, and OVERNIGHT I was at 203. Yup. 4 pounds, overnight, in 1 week. I should only gain 4 pounds a month.

Of course I had my prenatal appointment TODAY. Not Tuesday when I was 199 (which would have put me at a 4 pound gain this last 4 weeks). Midwife would have been happy, I would have been happy. But.... NO.

Imagine her reaction when I have only gained a total of 10 pounds this pregnancy and 8 of those was this last 4 weeks. (She was actually very calm and not too concerned...few.)

Maybe it's all the Vitamin D whole Organic milk I've been drinking. Or the occasional bowl of ice cream. But in my mind, I'm working out more now than with both boys. I'm eating better, (and by better I mean not eating donuts everyday). I generally eat a lit of fruit, and whole grain cereals .

I just dont get it. But, I am ok (really I may sound frantic, but I'm bad). I don't think I should count my calories, and I'm exercising regularly, so if I gain 8 pounds 3 more times. So. Be. It.

It's all gonna come off anyways. I may have to work a bit harder and longer, but that's ok.

We had above 2 mile family walk today. I love how my boys LOVE to run!!!

Hope next week is better!

Love, the Curvy Housewife
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Carrie A. said...

Sounds like maybe baby just needed a little more this week. Funny how in pregnancy weight gains can change so dramatically from week to week. Sometimes none, sometimes a lot and for no apparent reason. And yes, you WILL lose it all after baby and you will be right back to where you want to be!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Carrie!! ;)