Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In & Baby on the Brain

Yesterday I weighed in half a pound less than last week. Happy I didn't gain more than 1 this week! That is a total of 12 1/2 pound gain. I'm happy with that for 30 weeks.

Everything lately on my mind is B A B Y. Baby stuff, nursing baby, baby's room, labor & delivery. I am pretty sure my husband is just tuning me out now when I talk cause it's always about birthing stories I read or interesting facts on babies. I've also come to the point where that's all I talk about with anyone. Yup. Even the ranch boys. You know how to get a room full of 10 teenage boys quiet? Start talking about the documentary you watched on Netflix about natural childbirth. Actually, after all the "Ewwws!!!" I got several boys telling me they've seen a real birth on video in health class in public school as early as 7th grade!!! WHAT THE HECK?!!!

They said it was to "scare" them out of having un-protected sex. [God forbid they teach on abstinence right?]. Ok, I am so not going there. Let's just say my boys will not be attending public school. Anyways......

I feel like 10 weeks is SO far. Yet SO close! Because I have been getting so many contractions, (last Friday was intense) I want to be prepared for him at about 35 weeks. I was thinking this already, then I had a sweet conversation with one of our dear ranch boys mom. She had TONS of Braxton Hix's contractions with her last two babies and they both came at 35 weeks.

I know it is very likely he will be totally late (like Cody) but I'd rather be ready than sorry. So I have a lot to do in 5 weeks! Wash and put away all his clothes, buy a diaper bag, back his diaper bag, wash his car seat, bassinet, and swing and set all of it up and put it all where I want it. Wash his sheets, finish some last touches on his room, get important things such as diapers, wipes, Lanolin (must haves!), pack our hospital bag, WRITE OUT OUR BIRTH PLAN!!, and so much more.

We have been very busy this week. It is the Boys Ranch 36th anniversary, and every year they have a HUGE celebration/service on the 1st Sat of October at the ranch property. So this Saturday we will have hundreds of guests at the ranch for a big service, BBQ, potluck, Open house thing. It's our first, so we are nervous. I have to have my house ready for several Pastor's to come through it, which, cleaning and more cleaning.

I have been sick the last few days, and Davey has been working non-stop on the ranch so I have had no break from my boys, and no time to work out. The Lord is stretching my patiences that's for sure!

On a positive note, Cody is doing SO well potty training!! I am SO proud of him. He goes pee in the potty all by himself now. #2 is a little more tricky but he's getting it. So much easier than Shane was! It's a blessing. Shane is talking like a pro. Seriously he sounds like a 5 year old, and he's as tall as one almost too (and he's only 3.5). The baby is getting very BIG!! He is super duper active. Which I love of course.

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday and it went well. I wish they would do an Ultra Sound. I miss seeing him and would love to know what position he's in. Even though I think I know from his movements, I would like to make sure he is head down.

I discussed with my Midwife all that I want on my birth plan, which I will go more into detail in another post. I am so glad she was supportive of my decision to go natural. She said the hospital as well would be supportive. She is not an advocate of either way, she is happy to support her patients how ever they decide. It would be nice to have a doula to encourage me in those very painful moments that I can do it. But I don't really want to pay for one, so my husband is going to be one active supporter on Labor day!

Thanks for reading, I know you all missed me. ;-) wink.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Christi said...

Good luck with all the work you are going through this week. I am sure you will host a great celebration!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Christi!