Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Boys 1,2,&3 {pregnancy & baby photos} Sunday Strategy & Monday's Review

Friday night was a sleepless night. I was getting Braxton Hicks, my legs were extremely restless, and my sciatica was killing me. Saturday my husband stayed home and took care of the boys and rubbed my back a little bit. I felt better after some rest. We headed to Knoxville mall so I could get my computer fixed (iPhoto has not been working for several months!). We had a great time shopping, then we ate at Texas Roadhouse.

Cody kept saying, "Mom...I gotta pee. Mom!! I'm going pee!" in a soft whisper. Even though he still wears a diaper out he won't go in it unless it's an accident. So Davey takes him potty.

While they are in the bathroom, the manager of the resturaunt comes to see how things are. Shane says, "Oh! You're so small!" to the manager. I look at Shane and give him the 'Be Quiet' look. But Shane said it again. Then the manager says, "What's small?" and Shane goes, "Your HEAD!!!" (His head really was very small!). I tell Shane to stop it and be quiet while trying not to look at the guy, and stopping myself from busting up laughing. Then Shane goes, "Mom, his head is very small. It's SO scary." Bahahaha! Oh my goodness. Poor guy! I was dying laughing, like, trying not to pee right there laughing so hard. And what was really funny was Shane really was scared of this guy because his head was so small. Oh man...good times. My husband was wondering why I was laughing so hard when he came back, but I couldn't even really tell him until we got to the car because the manager was close by. Once I did Davey was dying laughing too. That boy says the darnedest things.

Sunday's Strategy

I have been strategizing several things lately.

1. How I will be successful at a natural birth.

2. How we will fly 2,700 miles with 3 kids calmly.

3. How I will finish everything I need to before the baby comes.

4. How I will lose weight and start training for the half marathon post baby.

Sum it up:
1. Reading tons on natural birth, listening to Hypnobirthing techniques and relaxations. Reading several birth stories, and most important, PRAYING.

2. This one....I'm still working on. So far all I got is, nurse baby a lot on plane, bring books & coloring books for boys.

3. Slowly things are coming together. His room is almost done...I always say that don't I?

4. Start out slow, recording food into MyFitnessPal and walking, then gradually running again.

Monday's Weekly Review (Early)

Monday 10-3 Walked around church while boys played 45 minuets- 1.5 ish miles.
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday 10-5 Walked at YMCA trail 3.1 miles! Whoot 5K!! Only took me 76 minuets, but that's ok. :) Also did quads.
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Walked at YMCA 2.25 miles in 54 minuets.
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

I can not tell you how happy I am I got my iPhoto working again. I can now access all my photos and upload new ones. I was looking through my pregnancy photos and the birth photos from Shane and Cody. It was a sweet time of reminiscing. I remembered how I went into labor with both of them. How excited we were to welcome our baby into our family and home. I also saw how the hospital was so quick to snatch the baby away, cut his cord, clean him up, stamp his feet, weigh him, ect ect all BEFORE I ever got to hold him. Cody was born with meconium so he would have had to be taken right away, but both of them look so scared and shocked as they are suddenly handled by strangers!! Hopefully this time we can bond for 10-20 minuets or so before they cut the cord and do all the procedures.

Here are some photos! I look so HUGE! I was so swollen and just overall big with both of them at the end. I weighed a pound more the day I delivered Cody than the day I delivered Shane. So far I'm about 46-50 pounds LIGHTER right now than the days I delivered my boys. I know I still have 8 weeks left..but I pray I don't gain that much in that time!!

Jan 16, 2008 20 days before I had Shane (I did not edit out the stretch marks because it reminds me of what my body went through to birth my first born. Also how they are very faint now & how far I've come since then.)

Just got to hospital, in the middle of contraction {hubs sure knows when to take a snapshot!} :)

Shane David just born!

May 4 2009 5 days before Cody was born (and already 4 days late!)

After being 9 days late Cody finally decides to come! Water broke, & labor started strong right away. In triage, already stuck in a bed, even though I didn't get an epidural for 2.5 hours. I'm in a LOT of pain!

Cody James just born!
Me Oct 5, 2011 during my 5K walk. 31 weeks with Baby Boy #3 :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Yay! My computer will finally let me read your blog again. What fun pictures! I only took one pregnant picture and the only person that has seen it is my husband. It looks like you have your hands so full. i hope you're able to accomplish a lot of the things you need to get done before the baby comes. Don't worry about training after the baby comes now,'ve not enough to worry about.
Oh, and I'm so happy to hear that you are going for a natural childbirth. I hope that you're able to have the birth that you are praying for.

Adrienne said...

Thank you SherRon!! I'm glad you can read my blog now!! :)