Monday, October 31, 2011

My Hospital Checklist & Due Dates

First here's my weekly review for last week:

Monday: Walked 1.6 miles outside @ YMCA

Wednesday: Walked 1.8 miles outside @YMCA

Love my walks, really wish I could get over there more. My membership expires soon and I am not renewing it until January since pretty much all of December I won't be working out and they won't put it on hold.

I've been accumulating a list on my iPod for my Hospital Checklist, may seem a little high maintenance, but I know what I needed last two times, what I wish I had and I am getting several things to help aid me in a natural delivery. So here it is...

Hospital Checklist:

My Bag-
Birth Plan (several copies)
Computer with Relaxing CD in it
Camera's w Charger
Lots of undies
Nursing tank
After birth pj's
Birthing outfit (couldn't find anything affordable so I am just going to wear an old (too big) black tank top dress that is perfect for's almost like a nightgown. I will wear a sports bra under for when I get into the tub, & in the tub cover some w/ towels)
Brush & hair ties
Lavender Lotion (Walmart $4!)
Birthing Ball
Natures Cure Herbal Heating Pad (for lower back, just got one off ebay for $20 when I first saw these Saturday at the mall for $45).
Pure Lavender Oil (sprinkle on my pillow & bed for a relaxing aroma. Got off ebay for $3.50!)
Baby Oil for massage
Shampoo & Conditioner
Lavender bubble bath/bath oil (got off Amazon for $6!)
Toothbrush & toothpaste (& Davey's)
Snacks (Juice Boxes in cooler, Fruit, Granola Bars, Shot Blocks, PB&J's, crackers)
Cooler (w fruit, waters, juices, and frozen BIG maxi pads that were soaked in Whitch Hazel {read this is amazing & helps heal faster, never tried it!})
Lanolin (a must for every nursing mother!)
Nipple Shield (just in case!)
Breast Pump
Boppy Pillow
Hooter Hider (nursing cover. Yes people will just show up to visit un-announced & I want to be able to be covered...blankets are too hot!)

Baby's Bag:
3 onsies
3 sleepers
Receiving blankets
Cotton mittens (so they don't scratch face)
Nail clippers
Car Seat
Blankets for when we leave
Car Seat cover (awesome for winter baby's! Got one when Shane was born)

Due Dates:
The more I read about Natural Childbirth the more I find that people are so very consumed with the EDD (Estimated Due Date). Like me. Yup I have been counting down!! But I KNOW that the EDD is really just a guess. Most babies don't come on the EDD.
You all know how anxious I am to have our little booger. Especially with the weight of we are flying to CA 12 days after his EDD!!
I started googling EDD and found some very interesting information.

1. Is that most women don't know for sure when they ovulated, so they go off their last period, which makes the EDD a BIG guess for anytime with in that week or two on either side.
2. If you know the day you ovulated, you can count 267 days from that day and that is a pretty accurate DD. Well I do know the day I ovulated. I counted 267 days and that puts me at Dec 9 as a due date. But again, it's up to baby!!
3. FULL MOONS!?? What does a full moon have to do with birth? My friends Mom told me more women have babies on a full moon. So I looked it up and found that hospitals actually have more staff on and around a full moon! (Well maybe not so much anymore with so many women being induced these days).
I got curious and looked up if my boys were born on a full moon, and Shane was not, he came 2 weeks before a full moon. But Cody, was born THE day the moon was full. Interesting? So I asked my mommy friends on FB if anyone had ever heard of this and almost all of them had given birth on a full moon or were born on a full moon.
I did a little more looking up, thanks to astronomer people that have kept track of the moon for hundreds of years you can google any month and year and see the day it was full.
I looked up my sisters kids, and her last one was born day before full moon.
My Mom was born 3 days before the full moon and my dad was born 5 days after the full moon. I was born 2 days before the full moon.
What does this all mean? Probably nothing. ;-) But I am due December 8 and full moon is suppose to be December 10, so I am HOPING this will help me deliver on time! We shall see!

I really do know that the baby will come when the baby is ready, and when my body is ready to deliver, and God has a specific birthday already set for my baby.

Do you have any theory's on Due Dates?

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Lyndsay @ Thinspiration said...

You made me look up the full moon thing after reading that & I was born 2 days before one. So weird!!

Adrienne said...

So cool!!!