Thursday, December 29, 2011

Postpartum & Big News

Well hello there!!! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I did! We enjoyed our trip to California! It wasn't too bad flying with all 3 kids, just a lot of work.


Reece: He is doing great! Breastfeeding wasn't easy this time either. I have come to realize that I will always get sore at first with each baby. Not just a little sore, but VERY very sore. A lactation consultant said my fair skin makes me prone to getting sore.
Finally after 3 weeks Reece is nursing well. I still get a little sore when he cluster feeds but besides that it's great.
At his 2 weeks check up he was 7lbs 13oz! The doctor was very happy with this since most babies are up to their birth weight by 2 weeks, and Reece was up 8oz. His jaundice is better although it might be there a slight bit.
It's so amazing to see him change everyday. He is 24 days old today. He has been very alert when awake, he's getting chubby, he stares at me, and I can tell he is going to smile soon. :)
I am so blessed to have him. He is a good baby. He doesn't fuss too much, he's easy to please with a clean diaper and a full tummy.
I am a little worried about him today because he is a little stuffy. I'm praying he didn't get sick on the plane.

Physically, my bleeding has pretty much stopped. I have lost 16 pounds since the birth, and have 19 more to get to pre-pregnancy weight. I gained a total of 35 pounds. Not too bad.
I was able to get a couple short walks in while in California, and they weren't easy! I've been really tired since traveling and the time changes, and I too have been fighting a cold. Besides that I really feel good.
I really didn't have the baby blues this time! Yay!! Maybe because I've been so busy....which is another reason I have not been on to update a post!
Which brings me to the BIG NEWS.......

About 3 weeks before the baby was born, we were unfortunately laid off. We were totally and completely shocked by this and had NO idea this was coming. Being laid off right before the birth of our 3rd baby and right before Christmas was extremely hard. My husband especially is very heartbroken by this. He loved his job so much. It was his dream job! It wasn't even a job to him, it was a privilege. The reason I haven't been able to talk about it is because the ranch boys still don't know. They will find out this Saturday. They are going to heartbroken over it, especially a few boys that are really close to us.
This trial has been very difficult. I have been depressed, but not because of baby blues, this time it's situational. I'm mostly depressed for my husband. Also, that I had just gotten use to living in Tennessee and I felt at home here. I spent so much time on the baby's room, and now we have to move. I couldn't fathom starting all over in a new city, house and church.
We live in a ranch house on the ranch property, which is owned by the ministry. So of course we have to move. Our Pastor here has been so gracious and was giving us some time to move, but we do have to move by the first week into the new year. YUP. We are moving next week. Where you might ask?? We. Don't. Know.
The deal was once Reece was born my husband wouldn't have to work anymore so he could help and pack our house. Our whole house is in boxes and has been for a few weeks now. It's very depressing to have everything in a box, a rental truck booked, but not know where we are driving it to.
We have a house lined up in Lancaster California. The city we lived before we moved here. Seemed God was lining everything up for us to move back. The church asked my husband if he'd be interested in working on staff at our church there. Of course we said yes! But after reviewing finances ect. they told us there aren't any openings right now. But God still had a house for us, a couple leaving the church to move to El Salvador to be missionaries needed someone to take over their lease. No deposit, 3 bed 2 bath house for $900 a month. It's ours and we are scheduled to move in the 9th of January.
Once my husband found out he wouldn't be able to work on staff at the church in Lancaster he was even more worried, and wasn't sure what to do. He has been praying and he was able to speak with a few Pastor's about positions at their churches. None of which are in California, so as of right now, we are waiting on the Lord to show us His will. I suppose if we don't hear from them with in a few days we will be moving back to Lancaster.
It's very scary to not know where you will be in 2 weeks. But we trust the Lord, and we know He is doing this for a reason, and that all things work together for good!! Romans 8:28

Davey was perfect for this ministry. We loved it so much, and the ranch boys love us. We were able to see change in them. See them mature and grow even in the short 10 months we've been here. Their attitudes have changed dramatically. They were learning from my husband how to be men, how to work, love the Lord, and be faithful all while having fun and enjoying life. Yes, to us it seemed like the perfect fit. But for reasons we don't know God has other plans. We are so grateful for the 10 months we've had here and what we've learned. We have grown so much closer as a family, we have learned a lot about teenage boys, and that we love the ministry.

Please pray for us that God will provide a job and a place for us!

God sees the things we can't see. He knows what's best for us and we trust Him. Doesn't make us any less sad about leaving but we are comforted by His word and knowing He is in control.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Michele @nycrunningmama said...

Oh my gosh...I had NO idea that all this was going on. I am sure everything will work out - please keep us updated!!

Lisa said...

Oh my, that truly sucks!! I'm sure that God has a plan for you all and hopefully will show you soon!
Keeping you in our prayers!

Kelly said...

Oh Adrienne - sad face. I'm positive things will work out. Praying for you.

Jennifer said...

ugh! I had a feeling something like this was going on. :( I've been praying for you guys. I'll be able to pray a little more specifically now!

Lani said...

My heart aches for you and you will definitely be in my prayers. But you are right. God is in control and has special plans for you. Big hugs, my friend!

Valerie (seattlerunnergirl) said...

What a HUGE change that is. I'm sorry to hear about the lay-off but so heartened that you are trusting God for whatever comes next. I will be praying for you!

Adrienne said...

Thank you all SOOOOO much!!

ANewMe18 said...

We love you and are glad to have you back here. Please let us know if we can be a blessing in any way! Thank you for your faithfulness during the trials! BIG HUG

Anonymous said...

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