Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reece Daniel's Birth Story Part 1

Sunday December 4, right before bed. "I really think my water is going to break tonight. I just feel it's ready to pop." I said to Davey. He got really excited and said, "I hope so!".

Monday December 5, I woke up feeling frustrated as usual. Assuming since I didn't go into labor in the middle of the night, that Reece would not be born that day. I was wrong.

I was a very good nester. Had all our bags organized and ready. Even had a bag for the boys to sleep over some one's house packed and in my car. What happened today though I was NOT ready for.

I got ready, cleaned the house, got my boys dressed, and we headed down to the ranch to see my husband and to eat lunch with the ranch. I was leaving the boys with Davey from here to head to town. I had a dentist appointment to hopefully figure out why I have still had discomfort (he thinks I am grinding my teeth in my sleep!). After my dentist I had a prenatal appointment then planned to go to Target, do some Christmas shopping and some walking, then bring dinner to my friend Ginger who was induced because of high blood pressure and had a healthy baby a few days prior.

I got to my prenatal appointment early. While waiting I wrote something like this on Twitter, "It's so surreal that my pregnancy is coming to an end. It could be a couple days or weeks but soon I will have a baby and won't be pregnant anymore. Kinda sad." Little did I know how soon!!

I was nervous about this appointment because I knew I didn't get to see my Midwife, I had to see the OB. He's old, rough and in general kinda scary. I thought about having my husband come with me, but rather him stay home with the boys. The nurse told me to take off my bottoms cause he was gonna check me.

2:30 pm When he came in he was real quick and to the point. He said, "So you're gonna have a baby soon!" I said "I hope so!" I asked him if he was going to strip my membranes. He said he always does if he can, and as soon as he checked he said, "Oh, they are already stripped, hmmm." He than checks my dilation and suddenly...... theres a big POP!!!!! Water gushes everywhere.

"Whoops!!" he said startled and very surprised. I said, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I knew that was going to happen." He said, "Well, you're gonna have a baby today!" He than told me I was 3cm, I was Group B strep positive, and I needed to head to the hospital right away to start antibiotics. I had no idea about the Group B strep, so I was immediately discouraged by that.

All day I did have a real strange feeling that when he checked me my water would break. I know he was not trying to break my water. Usually to break a water they use a scary hook like tool, and it can be tough.

Immediately I asked the nurse to hand me my cell phone. She did, I call Davey, "Babe?" (I'm now crying) "Yeah, are you ok?!" "My water just broke...I need you to meet me at the hospital ok?" Beep beep beep... phone died.

The nurse helps me clean up, gives me a pad, and a huge bed liner to stick in between my legs until I get to hospital. I ask her not to leave me. I was feeling scared, overwhelmed, and confused. Not knowing what to do. I knew this could be very quick based on Cody's birth, so my main focus should be getting to hospital, but all I could think of was talking to Davey. I needed him to bring all the bags, and to make sure he found someone to watch our boys.

The nurse instructs me to call from the office phone, it doesn't go through, I get an operator. 5 times, finally I get a hold of him. He's panicked, trying to remember all the things I want him to bring, while him and the boys are out hiking in the forest near our home. I told him to hurry and I would text him the list from my iPod.

I knew it would take him a while. He is on foot, with a 2 and 3 year old, in the forest. I found out later that he walked to our neighbors, dropped our boys off there, than went home and get all the bags. I'm in a daze. I text my Mom and Sister from my iPod, telling my sister to hurry and go get my boys (she has a 4 hour drive). I of course update FB and Twitter. Luckily I my doctors office has wifi, which was the only way I could text Davey or contact anyone.

I get to my car, pray the contractions don't start until Davey gets there. The hospital is right around the corner from my doctors office so it was quick. I walk to the front desk, where I am NOT greeted by any of the 3 secretaries. A lady cuts in front of me, still no one acknowledging I am there I say, "My water broke, is this where I need to check in or can I just go to Labor and Delivery?!" She calls back to L & D, I give her specific instructions: "I need a room with a tub, I am doing this natural. I need them to call Linda Foster, she is my Midwife and I am a special patient." It just so happened it was her day off so she could come and be there with me. The doctors office kept telling me to stress that I am "a special patient" of Linda's so they would really call her.

I walk in to L & D. I get the LAST room....I peek into the bathroom...yes! A tub! They save this one just in case. Then I see my nurse...she requested me when she saw my name. Same nurse that gave us the tour, she is very supportive. Thank you Lord! Now, I need my husband.

All this time Davey has not written me back. I call from my room in L & D and get the operator, over and over. I am going to cry.....contractions are starting to come. My husband is not here. I have to be hooked up to these PAINFUL antibiotics, things aren't going as planned. I need my support...I need my HUSBAND!!!!!

To be continued.......
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Love, The Curvy Housewife


Maureen said...

Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes! I can't wait for the rest of the story!

Kelly said...

You poor thing, all by yourself like that!