Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dangerous Mind

Only half of the day done on Phase One Paleo. I HATE it. No offense to anyone doing it. And Katrina if you are reading I love you but this stinks! :) lol

My mind is racing thinking dangerous thoughts such as, "I probably already ate too much fruit today, might as well give up." "Oh I had a bite of the organic super healthy gluten free bread I made yesterday, throw in the towel!" "This diet ISN'T for me!!" ect ect.

I have been sick today to my stomach AGAIN. and I haven't had gluten, eggs, or dairy at ALL. I am giving this time, if I can last a few days I am going to try my hardest. ONLY because I apparently have food allergies so I really can't do what I was doing. Hopefully this gets easier. Cause right now, this stinks.

With much complaining,

The Curvy Housewife

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Liz is getting back to her fighting weight said...

Stomach issues are horrible. I am sorry. I hope it gets better soon remember its mind over matter!!