Saturday, February 4, 2012


So Kendra got me totally hooked on Pinterest. At first, I thought, "How lame is this?" until I realized I can have hundreds of organized lists of things I dream of. So, like all other women in America, I got hooked.

I got this recipe for homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer off Pinterest. It was great! Only 3 ingredients, easy, cheaper and healthier. I'll admit it...I LOVE my morning coffee. So this will take some getting use to.
I used Non-Dairy creamer because, I may be lactose intolerant! Boo to that. My tummy has been hurting after some of my meals lately so I figured I needed to do an elimination diet to see what it is. Been with out dairy for going on three days now and so far no tummy aches. Miss my dairy though. :(

I have been doing good on my calories. A few friends told me not to cut too many or my milk supply can go down so I am eat between 1700-1800. Hope I still lose!

Someone is having a birthday in a couple days......we are creating a present for him. I'll share soon.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Katie A. said...

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Jennifer said...

woohoo! Welcome to Pinterest! I'm on there, too!