Friday, March 9, 2012


I have been feeling MUCH better and I thank God everyday!! I did a lot of research and concluded that my sickness had something to do with taking antibiotics while in labor with Reece.

What it was/is exactly I have no idea. But I discovered this Saturday night, it sort of hit me like a light bulb.

Sunday I began to take probiotics (bought a bottle at Whole Wheatery and they were NOT cheap!). I felt better right away! I have been eating bread, dairy, and fruit and I've been fine. Seriously...Praise. The. Lord. I will NEVER take my health for granted again. EVER. The doctors were taking about doing a colonoscope, and other extensive tests. You want to put that where?! Um no thanks.

I was feeling so good that on Monday I ran 1 whole mile with out stopping! Whooty whoot! First run postpartum with out walking. I'm on my way people. On my way.

If you have good health and the sun is shining, get out and take a walk! You NEVER know when you won't be able too.

My heart is full, I am thankful to God, He is so good! My husband hasn't had steady work in 3 months and we haven't gone with out anything..seriously..God is good. If you don't have Him, get Him.

PS I lost a couple more pounds, down 36 total now. yyyaaayyy.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kelly said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better now! :-)

Virtual Paul said...

Sounds like your are feeling better. I just found your blog and followed. I blog my weight loss too.