Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Biggest Loser Audition

Back in 2009, when I was just writing this blog as a book, and I was just starting on this weight loss quest I sent in an audition DVD to the Biggest Loser. I was about 235 lbs than.  I just watched it this morning. Talk about humbling. Oh. My. Goodness. To see me so vulnerable. So ready, yet still lost. Is really well, humbling! And very over whelming. And I feel ashamed I ever let my self get this way.

I have come really far since then.  I am NOT the same person. I am educated. I know so much about health. We eat cleaner* aka: I make food from scratch, and we try to limit our intake of processed foods. I've ran 13.1 freakin miles. I've done THREE triathlons. I rode my bike 26 miles of of rolling hills next to the beautiful pacific ocean. I've done 5k's and 10k's.  I've ran 8 miles on a treadmill. I lost nearly 60 lbs on my own (gained half back while pregnant w Reece). We juice EVERY.SINGE.DAY. Meaning, hubs, I and the older boys drink a homemade, vitamin packed, cancer & disease fighting, pure, healthy juice every day.  My husband runs now! It is a life style. Does that mean weight melts off on it's own? No. But I can't imagine going back to that girl.  In a way though....I'm still there. I'm only maybe 30 lbs lighter. I still hate seeing pictures of me.  I am still FAT.  I still have food strongholds.  I still have a looonnnnngggg way to go.

I was on the phone with my sister the other day.  She has also really struggled with her weight. She's gone up and down a lot over the years. I worry about her because she lives really far from all of us and it's not like we can hang out every day walk together.  I asked her if she'd want to send in an audition with me.  They recently changed their weight limit to having at least 85 pounds to lose. Technically I could lose 85 and be at a "healthy" weight for my height.
My sister's husband has been to Iraq 3 times in 6 years. All lasting 12-15 months each.  He's not the only one that was effected by that. They have a lot to work out.  If she wants to audition I would do it with her.
Although I am REALLY REALLY not sure if I could leave my boys. They are my whooooolllleee life.  I would be depressed and cry every day. Especially leaving the baby would be like torture.  You all know how big I am on breastfeeding. Nope couldn't do it. Makes me sick thinking about being away from my husband and boys. Listen to me ramble on like they would ever pick us!!  I don't know. It would really have to be God's will for me to do it. Obviously. My sister has 3 kids as well. Who would take care of our 6 kids when our husbands are working? It truly is a sacrifice for the whole family. Is it worth it though?? All of America basically sees you in your skivvies.  They also all see all your demons you face.  Would you do it?

COULD you do it? What are your thoughts? I know we won't be picked. We haven't even sent in a DVD. Ha! But I guess you never know....

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kimberlynn said...

Nope...couldn't do it. Like you, it would be too hard for me to be away from my sweet family. I'm at peace with losing it slower anyway. Although, I'm losing it a whole lot slower than I thought I would.

I'm with you friend! We'll get there!

Dave Murray said...

I agree with ^^^. I hate loosing so slowly but at the same time, im not sagging everywhere because im slowly toning too. Plus I think it would be such a shock to go back home to being a mom and all that comes with it. It would make maintaining a nightmare! I would love to do it but I think it would be more rewarding to have done it all yourself, and a better example for your children - instead of mom went to "camp" and lost weight and came home skinny. Make sense??


Adrienne said...

totally agree with you both. and thats really true about coming home...it would be really hard!!!

Kelly said...

I had no idea you had auditioned for the Biggest Loser! The show isn't what it used to be - not that it was ever all the great to begin with. I had to stop watching 2 seasons before Jillian left because I just couldn't take it anymore. They NEVER dealt with the emotional issues of why people gained their weight in the first place - such baloney. If you never deal with that, guess what? You'll gain the weight back! You don't need that show, mama!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

I could not be away from my family that long. I would want to go home early and then regret going home early. I never really watched Biggest Loser before, but being sick this past week Ive been watching it on Netflix. Im only on season two but these people are so inspiring. Im struggling to lose my last 30 pounds and see some of these people who lose (mostly water weight, but still weight) 30 pounds in 1 week and I think DANG if only I could do that.