Friday, June 29, 2012

Stinky weigh in

This Week: 197.5 
I am NOT happy with that.  Earlier in the week my scale said 195.6. No kidding. I weighed twice to make sure, but had a hunch it was off that day. The next day it said 198 again. Then it went down to 197.3 and today 197.5
I would be happy with that, if the wedding wasn't in 8 days! UGH. I need to just forget any expectations I had and do my best.  

Yesterday was my hubby's 30th birthday! He met us at the Farmers Market and I planned on taking him to In & Out Burger for his birthday, but he wouldn't go. He said he's in mourning. Ha. I made him a chocolate birthday cake, made with Greek yogurt (8 oz fat free greek yogurt, cake mix, 1 cup water), topped with homemade chocolate frosting. I had a piece. But I was still under my calories by 400! I went over my diary for this week and noticed I was under my calorie goal (which I just changed to 1950) every day. But I didn't eat as clean.  I've been eating a lot of white carbs....BAD BAD BAD!  Today and tomorrow aren't going to be any better though. 
We have a gift card to BJ's and are celebrating my hubby's bday tonight, then tomorrow is his big surprise party at my house!!! (Hence the early post, must clean house!) And yes I am throwing him another surprise party because this one is all our friends and more of a surprise. :) 

The other day I asked my Mom if she could make me a dress for the wedding.  She said she would just buy me one, isn't that so sweet :) love my Mama.  So I went dress shopping the other day just to see if I found any and I liked these two. But I'm not crazy about them. What do you think? 

This was at Forever 21. Yes the dreaded store. The have a plus size section! A small one though. I wear their XL.  I tried on skinny jeans just for fun. He he. I wanted to see what size pants I am.  I thought I grabbed an 18, and they fit perfect.  When I took them off and looked closer, they were a 16! That was cool. Although I would really like to be a 14 again. 

I need to not go crazy with food tonight or tomorrow.  Must stay focused! 

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Staci's Slimdown said...

I am partial to the polk a dot dress, and I really think a short sleeved jacket/light sweater would look cute with it and could even dress it up some if it was the right jacket! That was very nice of your mom! Your scale wouldn't need new batteries, would it? When mine does the number dance, it's either the batteries or I don't have it centered in the 12x12 tile. LOL Yes, ditch the #193 and just say "YAY!!! I ALMOST MADE IT! I'M AWESOME!" :) Good luck with all the cleaning and party preparations. Love the pic with a kid hanging off your back. Reminds me of... ME! Haha

Kelly said...

The scale went in the right direction. That's all that matters. And those small losses here and there all add up - just trust me on that one. Which dress did you wind up wearing?

Joyski said...

I love the polk a dot dress! and those skinny jeans look great on you!!