Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good news, bad news.

Bad news first.
I have no clue how this happened.  Well yes I do. I get to loose on the weekends. Which goes into the week, which is really hard to snap out of.    My focus has been on other things.  My oldest started K4 yesterday, and my boys are starting gymnastics. Oh and I turned 27 yesterday as well! 

I was a bit depressed yesterday because one, my baby is a big boy.  And two, I am another year older.  And three, I am lacking nutrients and can feel it.  I feel tired, sluggish, depressed, not able to focus, and have been fighting a cold for a week.  I am up on the scale. So I refuse to "weigh in" on Friday.  I was also spiritually malnourished.  I had a busy last 5-6 days and didn't get great quality time with the Lord.  Which really wears on me emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I enjoyed praying and reading my bible this morning and feel better. Except for the left over cheesecake I ate.  whoops.

For my birthday my hubs and boys took me to Forever 21 (use to be the dreaded store, but now I can fit into their "normal" sizes!!!). After shopping we got Rubio's. YUM. Then cheesecake for my birthday cake.  Can you say, a bazillion calories? 

I need a clean slate. I haven't had to refocus like this in a while, but I need a jump start or something. 

I have a goal, which is to be 179 exactly one month from today, I'm in my sister in laws wedding. Which brings me to my good news.  We went dress shopping Saturday for my bridesmaid dress and GUESS WHAT. I fit into a size 12 (did you hear me??) SIZE 12 dress! Yes it zipped and everything! Ok, so maybe it hugged my buns a little too much but what evs.  The dress we ended up buying, my sis in law found on the clearance rack. There was only ONE.  And it was a Medium.  It was perfect. Perfect color, style, everything.  But we weren't too hopeful it would fit.  BUUUUTTTTT, IT DID! Whoot! And it was only $12! a little tight in the bust, but I am hoping to lose 10 pounds by then, and it's great motivation. 

Glad I blogged today. Needed to get all this out.  I need to blog more. It helps me stay focused.  Also need to read all my favorite blogs!!!!

Lately the Lord has really been teaching me that, He gave me my boys, my little treasures, to do great things for Him. Not to raise them to be mediocre, but to be champions, to have great influence for Him.   The Lord created me to be the mom to my boys. I LOVE having all boys.  Yes I want a girl, but I also want another boy. 

I've been reading "Through My Eyes" Tim Tebow's biography, and it is AMAZING.  Every mom of boys should read.  We are huge Tebow fans. :)

I'll be back in a couple days.  Say a prayer for me that I get my hiney in order! Let's face it, time is ticking and I ain't gettin any younger. I want another baby, and I want it to be another boy! Or girl. I would be so happy with either.  Don't worry Grandma, I'm NOT pregnant {and I won't be any time soon}! ;-)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine is today, but I'm not a young whipper-snapper like you are (me 39 - booo!)

Hope you had a great day!

Elisha Kemp said...

I love to read your blog ! You motivate me to push on in my weight loss goal:) I have 2 boys :) I always wanted a girl too but would not trade have all boys for one , love my boys! We are done though , so boys it will be :)

Thank you for always posting so open and honest! Happy birthday!