Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have been SWAMPED this week!! Fewww! There is a Healthy Mouth World Summit going on I've been "attending" all week (it's online confrence with live Q&A's every afternoon). It's been awesome! Reviews coming soon whether you like it or not. :D

Also Cody has been having some health issues, and he had a long appoint and was tested for all kinds of food allergies. He is having GI issues and they also wanted 3 days worth of stool samples. That's been fun. Not.

Long story short, he's been off gluten for 10 days and is already doing so much better. Praise the Lord. Crazy to think that when I was little I saw several doctors for my stomach and the head of pediatrics eventually diagnosed me with "Stress".  My poor mom! They never even offered a food allergy test.
We've ALL been sick too. Blah. Boys had ear infections and cough, sore throat. My throat was hurting and I feel weak in general, but thanks to Fermented Cod Live Oil and my essential oils I got a much milder version. I gave Cody garlic orally for his ear infection and it worked! The dr prescribed him anti-biotics but with his messed up GI I didn't want to mess it up more! Last week a doctor said he had a pretty significant one, and then Tuesday a different doctor said it was just a little red and didn't need anti-biotics. God is so good to give us what we need.

For Reece (he wouldn't swallow the garlic) I sauteed garlic in olive oil and let it cool. Then used a dropper to put a few drops into his ears. Seems to be helping.

So on to my exciting news........for several months I've been thinking/praying about doing a program in nutrition, or disease prevention/treatment. WELL today I found a great one, and enrolled! Whoot! Starts in 11 days!!!! It's a certification program from University of California, San Francisco.  It's title is "Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention". Yay!!!!!

I had certain things I was looking for in a program: not strictly plant based, not strictly government food pyramid, touches on food and disease, and really wanted it to touch on GI issues that pertain to me (and now Cody) ie. leaky gut, gluten intolerance, ect.  This is all that! I  am prepared for some things I don't do/agree with, but no program is perfect. 

This probably sounds a lot more impressive than it is. It's only 6 weeks. I don't care. I'm super excited. :) 

Love, The Curvy Housewife 


The Skinny on Staci said...

Congrats on the class! I am not an all-herbal girl, but one of my daughters has had her ear infections cured 3 times by using the onion method. Two times it took one dose, one time it took 2 doses. Google it, but basically you bake an onion. Then you let it cool for about 10 minute and it falls all into pieces but squeeze the juice out of it. It is HOT and I scream every time I squeeze. LOL But once you drop it in the ear, it is only warm. Anyway, you lay them on their side, drop it into their ear (I do like 3 or 4 drops from a med dropper). Then you do ear canal massages which is basically pulling and stretching the lobe to allow the juice in. Google that too. :) I was SHOCKED that it worked. The garlic didn't work for us. Anyway, just something more for you to try. :))

Adrienne said...

I will totally try that!!! Thank you!

Gloria said...

EVOO works on ear aches/infections too. Warm it a little and drop it in the ear canal. Massage it in, then drain. Works like a charm. I have a gluten allergy too. I believe that I have had it my whole life. I was the only fat kid out of six in my family, hungry all the time, craved protein, constant stomach aches, etc. Instead of taking me to a pediatrician or allergist, my mom took me to Bible study thinking that I had no self control. Finally at age 36, I went to a dietitian who did nutritional testing and said that I had malabsorbtion because none of the supplements I was taking registered in the results. After taking me off of several common food allergens, I discovered the gluten allergy. Overnight I was starting to feel better and have more energy. I remember going to bed one night and realizing that I did not have a stomach ache. Until I came off gluten I didn't know that it wasn't normal for my stomach to hurt all the time! I lost 30 pounds the first year without really trying and I have about 40 more to go. I have started running and have completed 3 5ks so far. It's a new life!