Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My day in food 2, and Shane's 5th Bday!

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I was bad yesterday.....I ate a candy bar {gasp!} and licked frosting off of leftover cupcakes I brought to Shane's school for his birthday.

I got SO SO SO sick this morning!!!! I think it was the cross contamination {gluten} from licking the cupcake {smh}, or the processed sugar in the candy bar?? I was so sick my husband had to come home for an hour this morning.  :( NEVER AGAIN!!

Thank God for my Essential Oils.

Moving on...TODAY IS SHANE'S 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so proud of him. He is such a good boy, so smart, funny, kind, cautious, obedient, and he LOVES Jesus, and invites people to church everywhere we go.  I'm blessed to be his mama.

Here's my day yesterday in food.  Breakfast....on the go gave in and bought a candy bar at Walmart. Didn't capture it {blush}.

Lunch: 2 fried eggs, 3 bacon, 1 Udi's toast w lots of grass fed butter.

Dinner: Breakfast scramble {yum!!!} potatoes, ground sausage, and eggs.  

I was soooo busy yesterday. I didn't eat any veggies or fruits!!! Bad bad bad. Wow this photo thing is really opening my eyes to what I eat! I'm making up for it now with a green smoothie loaded with spinach and fruit.  Pic tomorrow. 


The Skinny on Staci said...

Your son is gorgeous! If I had fb, I would "like" you. Lol Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? Just thought of you because of clean eating. You could still get you a spaghetti or Alfredo fix in for lunch or supper sometimes. My middle daughter really likes it instead of noodles, too. I even just found a post yesterday that makes Alfredo sauce out of CAULIFLOWER! Crazy! :) Also, I have made hashbrowns out of it before and then cracked an egg over it. Googled and found that idea. Just thought of you because I know you have to be searching for some variety and ideas.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Staci!! WE love spaghetti squash and do it almost once a week. I'm so thankful for it and hope they don't go out of season?

Tammy said...

I'm eating a green smoothie with spinach and fruit right now too! What are the chances?!? Keep up the good work... Just keep repeating "Sugar is the devil"... ;-)