Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My food in pictures

This is gonna be a quick one...I'm packing up Shane and Cody's bikes, and the jogger for Reece, and we are off to the park so I can run! Such a beautiful day today here in Southern California :)

I was inspired by Staci's blog, to do a weeks worth of posts of what I am eating, with pictures.  I thought this would keep me accountable. So everyday this week I will post my meals and a pic.

I didn't get a chance to weigh in this morning {had to take Shane to school, then run a bunch of errands for Shane's Bday tomorrow while he wasn't with me}.  I am not expecting a loss this week because of our little vacay to the snow..... ;) BUT I am focused for a loss next week...need to get out of the -60's and see -70 already!

Here's what I ate yesterday:  Breakfast: Just a bulletproof coffee...bad that it's all I had, I know I know. But it's really a good coffee {made with butter and coconut oil}.
 Lunch was a ham sandwich with Tillamook cheese {best non organic cheese, cows graze on grass in Oregon in season, no hormones either} and mayo on Udi's gluten free bread with an organic apple.
 Dinner we had organic free range chicken drumsticks {I save all the bones and make broth for this soup} cooked in olive oil, organic veggies with a tbsp mayo, and a baked potato with lots of grass fed butter, a slice of bacon, and a little cheese, washed down with a cup of milk. :) It was goooodddd.

I know our food isn't perfect yet {need to make a homemade mayo}, but it doesn't happen over night.  Little changes makes a big difference, and I'm still working on it :)  I snacked on cheese and some corn tortilla chips (no bueno). I was super busy yesterday and kept letting myself become starving! Also no bueno.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Well, didn't expect to see my name up in lights here! Lol Thx. Love seeing people's food pics... feeds my nosiness. ;) Your potato looks yummy!