Thursday, February 14, 2013

8 Key Things That Has Helped Me Lose 65 lbs

These 8 things has really been key for me to see a good weigh in.  BTW I changed my weigh in's back to Friday's, so check back tomorrow to see how I did this week! Prayers! ;)

1. Logging Food. 
We all know if we don't keep track of our food, we eat waaaay to much. OR not enough. Using My Fitness Pal allows me to see how much protein, veggies, good fats, ect I've had.

2. Making dinner my smallest meal.
This and #3 is really key for me.  If I eat a chicken salad for dinner, with water, I usually will see a good number on the scale the next day {assuming I didn't go crazy earlier that day!}.

3. Not eating after 6:30pm.
Eating dinner at 6pm is VERY helpful to me. I don't always do it, usually the last 3 nights before a weigh in if I can. After dinner I don't consume any more calories on the days I do this, and I wake up feeling like I lost know that feeling?? Side note: when I was engaged, I lost 15 lbs in 2 months JUST by not eating after 4 pm. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, but didn't eat after 4pm. Not recommending's almost impossible for a busy mom to eat dinner that early.

4. Drinking Apple Cinder Vinegar {a tsp or 2} with a 8 oz of water first thing in the morning really helps! It flushes you out.

5. Consuming Coconut oil daily.
I have it in my coffee every morning.  There is a lot of science behind this, but in simple terms: FAT burns FAT. A low fat diet is extremely unhealthy. You need lots of good healthy fats or you will have a load of health issues {lesson learned!}.

6. Eating Clean. 
This has been a huge change in lifestyle, and we are not perfect...but this really helps. I noticed, when I am not *trying to lose weight {when life gets busy}...I don't gain it back UNLESS I eat processed junk. Interesting right?

7. Breastfeeding for MORE than 6 months.  
This takes a lot of patience for me to not fret over NOT losing weight while breastfeeding for the first 6 months.  The author of "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cells After Pregnancy" says, weight loss comes from breastfeeding AFTER you've been exclusively breastfeeding your baby for 6 months.  For me, this is dead on. I hold my baby weight until my baby is 6 months old, starts melting off like butter! For reals. Now, I know every lady is different, but if you are 3 months postpartum and you aren't budging on the scale, give it time. Patience is key. :)
Don't let those 6 months be a deal breaker for you. Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for you and your baby.

8. Not exercising TOO much.
This is tricky.  When I train for a half marathon, I DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT. How? I am burning 1200 calories a run!!! Well, the body is very tricky. It goes into stressed mode, and it's very hard to lose weight while consistently doing long, hard work outs.  This is my person experience. Once I stop training, weight comes off.

These are all just my experiences. Every person is different.  A few other key things for me are: drinking plenty of water, walking, eating enough protein, getting enough sleep and LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYER!

She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. Proverbs 31:15


The Skinny on Staci said...

I read about the benefits of raw apple cider vinegar on I even saved the link. I need to check on this. I am by no means a clean eater at this point, but I really can tell a huge difference when I eat REAL foods versus packaged junk. The junk is just so easy. We'll do good for a week or 2 and fall back into the laziness. Daily packing our lunches has been such a big help in this department, though. :)

Lauryn Roth said...

PRAYER has helped me loose 30 lbs too! I totally agree!! And I agree with everything else too, will have to think about the apple cider vinegar!

Kirsten Cox said...

I have recently lost 30 pounds over the course of a year and I think constantly checking in with my emotions and making sure that I'm not soothing myself with food. Emotional eating kept me heavy for too long and now keeping myself aware and making wise choices has been the biggest impact on my weight loss. I will try the apple cidar vinegar now since I have 12 pounds left to lose and I will be at my goal weight.

Michelle said...


I saw your blog in the status update of wellnessmama and I am so happy to find that we are of the same faith. I and my husband have known of your church and we follow ministry127. Great to know you, sister!

Lisa Quinn said...

Thanks for these tips! I just found your blog. I am just over 5months postpartum (still breastfeeding and hoping to go to 1yr) and really started to focus on weight loss last week. I look forward to see your wright loss journey continue after the baby comes! :-)