Friday, February 15, 2013

Weigh In & Budgeting

Last week: 181 {up from our getaways}

This week: 178.8 {was really hoping to hit 177! Dang it.}

We used almost all of our tax returns to pay off debt. We have paid off all hospital bills, all credit cards and our van! Whooty whoot! We are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Now all we have left to pay off is some family that loaned us money for school bill, and a down payment for our condo we bought, and then sold.  {Bad idea.}

Then we get to start saving for a house. YIPPE!

Converting to a "crunchy" {natural} lifestyle can be quiet expensive, my oh my.  When I was not doing well physically {TMJ, extreme stomach pain, and gallbladder disease}, all the research I was doing was pointing to my food choices. Which is why I no longer eat gluten and actively try to eat clean.

But there was always a sentence like, "as well as...environmental toxicity". Such as, heavy metals toxicity, fluorosis {for real. too much fluoride in my water!??}, toxic cookware {teflon}, dishes made from china, dangerous cleaning solution, using and heating plastic ware!!!! That's just to name a few.  I was on super overwhelmed over load.....still am. Few..need to take a deep breath.

No I don't think any of the above was the culprit. But I did decide through all the research I did we would slowly start replacing things in my house when we could. The things I thought was most important. Like a water filter for instance.

It's impossible for anyone to change all these things {that I never even thought of to be harmful in the first place!} overnight. In fact, I didn't even know if I wanted to believe all that. After all, why would our government put fluoride in the water if it wasn't safe? Why would the Tupperware companies not have a warning label on the box that stated 'when heated, chemicals seep into the food'... WHY would anyone be OK with selling a pan that when heated secrets gas that instantly kills birds that are in the same room... I mean, they would be out of business right??

Amongst other materialist things on our wish list,  we have to plan and budget for them.  I'm thankful my husband allowed me to purchase a few things to replace.  We just bought this water filter system, and I bought some glass sippy cups, coffee mugs, and a water bottle.  I was surprised to see that almost all our mugs were made in China.

You may think I'm crazy. But when it comes to our health, I rather be safe then sorry.  There's never a way to totally eliminate toxic materials we come in contact with. It's all around us. We breath it everyday. 

Some great easy ways to reduce toxins are: 1. Purify the air in your home. Get house plants.  Two for every room will purify your whole house.  Just buy one or two for your living room..that will make a huge difference! {Isn't God's creation amazing??}.  And, open your windows! Even if it's cold, air out your house every day for at least 10 minuets.  My windows and sliding glass door is open right now.
2. Sweat! Our bodies way eliminating all kinds of junk.  3. Take a detox bath: 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup baking soda, a few drops of essential oils if you have them.
4. Wash non-organic fruits and veggies with vinegar and warm water, let them soak in it for a few minuets as well. 5. Clean with soap, water and vinegar!

Do you worry about stuff like this, or is it just me?? LOL

PS Thank you for any comments. They let me know people read and keep me motivated to keep writing.  :)


The Skinny on Staci said...

I seriously believe the conspiracy theory with the gov't. Maybe I'm crazy too! LOL I went through a phase where I stopped using the microwave. I know it can't be GOOD for us. But it didn't last. I have started drinking water through a filtered water bottle. I hate cleaning supplies and stuff. Ugh. I mean, there is SOME REASON that so many Americans are getting cancer, and I don't believe it's all food related. Some HAS to be environmental. Anyway, love Dave Ramsey. We don't do his plan, though. LOL I know he's right, though! We also used our taxes solely to pay off debt. Such a bummer, but feels good to be out from under such a load! :)

Lauryn Roth said...

yay for a great weigh in and paying off stuff!!

Adrienne said...

Thanks ladies :) I totally agree with you Staci!!!

Sarah said...

Hi! I just found your site and I can relate to everything you're saying! I'm a stay at home mom with a baby, trying to lose weight, just started running (since November and am only just able to run for 30 minutes - working on making it to a 5k still), and am just starting to research/make the switch to a healthier, natural lifestyle. I am really encouraged by your blog! Keep it up :)