Friday, March 1, 2013


This was not a good week. Weigh in was stinky. 177. GR. Doesn't make any since, I was busy all week and didn't eat all that much.  I think I'm retaining water {or so I tell myself}.

Ahddndbndhdjklkdj!!!! {that's me yelling into a pillow}.

It's Friday afternoon, and I still have heaps of laundry everywhere, bathrooms that need to be cleaned, laundry that needs to be washed, and a kitchen that needs a good scrub.  I have had to leave my house every day this week! H.A.T.E. that!  My to-do-list is still undone, didn't get to work on either of my classes this week, and I barley worked on my blog. Oh yeah, and I didn't run. AGAIN.  I'm really thinking husband is solo on this half marathon.  Oh goodness that makes me tear up.

I am having a little pitty party aren't I? Snap out of it A!
Ok, but I am feeling overwhelmed.  I had to take both dogs, and all three boys too the vet today where I had to wait for 2 hours. Isn't that nice? Try controlling two dogs and three boys in a tiny spot for 2 hours.  That sent me over the edge and I left in tears.  Where I drove straight to In & Out Burger and bought fries and milk shakes. I felt better for five minuets. 

I have company staying the night, and need to run to Lowe's to rent a carpet shampooer to clean up some accidents our doggy had.

I am excited about our company! Not excited about all the cleaning needing to happen right now.

Oh look! Reece just stuck his whole hand in my Vaseline jar. Yay.  What's that I hear? Water??? Splashing? Oh yes, the boys took it upon themselves to run a bath. And jump in while wearing their swim shorts.  

Ok, here I go! I can do all things through Christ. :)

 Ta Ta.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

ROFL. Hope the Vaseline wasn't in anyone's hair!! It's good to vent. I hope next week is total opposite of this week! :)