Friday, May 31, 2013

Anxious as all get out.

Feeeewww. Well my husband stayed home sick yesterday. We are having AWFUL sand storms here in the high desert of southern California.  He works outside all day, and came home Wednesday sick as a dog, eyes red and itchy, coughing, ect. Poor guy. So Thursday he stayed home sick.  Which I'm glad, but it makes my day a little more stressed if ya know what I mean!

He had a meeting with one of the Pastoral Staff at our church about our future and what the Lord wants us to do.  He got dressed to go to it even though he was sick.  The man he was going to meet with got caught up and very busy so he rescheduled.  :(

I can't talk much about what we are going to be doing, soon hopefully we will be able to announce it. After he talks with the pastoral staff! :)

So, as vague as all that is......I am extremely anxious!

We made several emails and calls yesterday to try to get the ball rolling more, which led to my husband meeting with staff from our college about all this (our bible college is at our church, which is also where my husband works) this morning, and now my husband isn't answering the phone so I don't know what they talked about! Gr.  Theeeeennnn, the church called me, and my husband calls me from the church number from time to time so I answered "hey!!!!" and the lady was like..."um hello?"lol. Not as bad as last week when a guy from church called and I answered "Hey babe!". Gotta stop doing that. 

Didn't work out yesterday.  Made a chocolate cake. I did sneak out to Target by myself. Got a new book, 1st in a series. Called Divergent. Hope it's good.   Not gonna be able to work out today.  Need to finish editing photos, work on my photo website, and do house work. Plus take care of three boys.

"Be careful {anxious} for nothing; but in every thing by prayer  and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4:6

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Almost a year ago....

Picture a year ago at half marathon, to most recent full body picture, 30 lbs lighter 2 months pregnant.  

Almost a year ago (June 1 will be one year) since my last half marathon. Wow time flies! And I'm utterly depressed with how out of shape I have gotten since then! Even though I still weigh 20 lbs less right now at 18 weeks pregnant, I can not endure hardly anything!

Okay yes partly because of the human I'm growing.  But mostly because I haven't worked out except walking once in a while for months!!!!

Amazing....that I DID run that grueling half marathon, 8 miles of it up hill in the heat on a tiny trail.  Now I can barely do the elliptical for 10 minuets. 

Today while walking on the treadmill I got light headed at the end of the 20 mins.  I am not gonna push myself too hard.  Light cardio, light weights to build muscles, that's it.  Soon I won't be pregnant anymore then I can really focus on FINALLY getting to my goal weight.  If I don't gain a couple dozen more pounds before I have the baby! YIkes! But I've worked out two days in a row. yay!

I am about to finish "Mockingjay" the last Hunger Games book. So good! Now what to read? I love series. Suggestions?

Speaking of husband started watching Walking Dead...{why do men love violent gory things?}. At first I refused to watch it...I's so fake and disturbing, and we know nothing like that will ever happen...zombies are not found in the bible people!

But then I didn't leave the room right away when it was on, and they only showed zombies like twice in an episode {of which I cover my eyes...duh} and the suspense is so addicting!

I think I am purposely trying to find a lot of things to take my mind off the pregnancy, so time goes by fast.  Anxious to know if we will have a 4th boy or our 1st girl. Anxious to not be pregnant.....already can't sleep...have to pee ALL.THE.TIME.  Can't breath through my nose {Pregnancy Rhinitis} ugh.  18 weeks and waddling....yes when I have to pee I waddle...but apparently not everyone can tell I'm pregnant still. To some I must just look chubby.  A very all wise women came up to me in Target and said, "Since you have three boys, if you ever have another baby it's gonna be a boy..." I said, "Well I am pregnant now!" She said, "Oh, it's a boy." Oh thank you. You must know everything. 

Puppy chewed through our Mac cord. That was fun.  Got photos to edit, church tonight, gotta scoot...tootles.

ps please give me good book series suggestions!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The scale. Don don don.

I stepped on the scale this morning. It wasn't pretty. I've gained 3 lbs since last week! WHAT in the world! That's a total of 10 lbs gained since getting pregnant.  I'm only 18 weeks! I gain a lot at the end!! THIS.IS.NO.BUENO.

I am SO glad we got passes to the YMCA. A couple weeks ago they had a sign up special so we did it.  Last week we only went once & swam, I did some Yoga & cardio. 

This week is going to be less busy. Yay. I was so exhausted this morning, I couldn't finish my devotions. I was falling asleep :( Finally at 9:45am I gave up, and made myself get up, get my gym clothes out, and I made a juice.  Then I made the boys scrambled eggs in grass fed butter, with flax seed and cheese, and organic strawberries on the side. They gobbled it up. I had an early breakfast of Grapenuts. Yum.

I brought my hubby a juice then the boys and I went to the gym.  By the time I got there it was 11:20am, and the daycare closes at noon. So I did 10 minuets on the elliptical, which was hard btw.  Sheesh I am out of shape.  Then I did inner thighs, quads, and back of my thighs. Finished up with 10 minuets on the bike, while I started the book "The will to Succeed" by Michael Phelps.  Good so far. Finishing up Catching Fire right the Hunger Games series.

Well it's almost 5 and hubby will be home soon...better scoot. Thanks so much for reading. I'm gonna try to post more often!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

ps I have been using Sun In, in my hair and it really works! Never highlighting my hair again!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Meet Boone.

Boone is our male chocolate lab! He flew in late Friday night. My husband has been saving & praying for a male pup so we dont have to keep paying for a stud. 

This takes our lab breeding business to the new level :) the boys LOVE him. 

Happy Memorial Day to you all! God bless the USA! 

Ps. I am feeling very pregnant. Feeling baby move from time to time. And I'm getting big. Sigh. So ready to have this baby and finally get to my goal weight! 

Love, The Curvy Housewife 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Almonst Fainted

On Saturday I was at Walmart checking out when all the sudden I got really hot, and short of breath, and I started blacking out!!! I could feel my face turn white, and I told the clerk, "I feel like I'm going to pass out"...then sat on the little counter where the revolving bag thing is.  She kept asking me if I was ok and I couldn't really comprehend her very good {my mom and boys were in the car}.  She gave me some water and kept asking me if I wanted her to call someone.  I said, "No. Yes. No..." LOL

I was trying to call my mom, finally got through to her and she waited for me outside the car after I felt ok to walk.  I felt nauseas a little after but laid down in the car.  At Shane's game I felt fine.  Then later at the Y I felt dizzy again! Been feeling fine except for a little dizziness/light headed once in a while.

I emailed my doctor and she wants me to come in sooner than Thursday when my appointment is. So I called and have an appointment for tomorrow. 17 weeks today!  I'm sure I'm fine. It's pretty common in pregnant women. It's probably just low blood pressure {I always have semi low, & even more while pregnant}.

I promised to take my boys swimming today at the Y so we will go this afternoon...hopefully I won't get dizzy in the pool ;-) don't worry there are lifeguards!

This morning I made pancakes and eggs, then put chicken and veggies in the crock pot for dinner, then made a veggie pizza for lunch so it would be ready. Whoo hoo I'm on a roll. Time to tidy up, then lay out {a tan helps me look less flabby} for 30 mins, then off to swim.  Happy summer everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boy or Girl?

I got my ultrasound appointment! June 4 @ 1 pm. BUT we are having a reveal party (never done one!!) June 15 so I'm gonna have to wait a whole 11 days longer to find out! Ack!! 

My sis in law is doing the party for us. I will get an envelope from the ultrasound tech saying baby's gender (somehow I can NOT find out while there!) Then send it to my sis in law, who will not look at it- then she takes it to the baker who bakes a cake with either pink or blue inside!!! 

I am gonna have the U/S tech tell my sis over the phone what the baby is so someone knows...I've been worried the baker will mix up cakes lol.  But she WILL NOT tell me or a soul! 

I'm so excited. Of course I really want a girl. I desperately want pink ruffles, roses, bows, headbands and pink toe nails. But more than that I want a daughter to be close with, to be there when she gives birth, picks her wedding dress, shops for a prom dress (definitely NOT in that order!). 
But I KNOW I'll always be close to my boys. I wouldn't trade any one of them for a girl.  

The boys actually REALLY want a sister! Shane cried when I told him it could be a boy. LOL he keeps telling everyone it's a girl! I know they would love a brother too. 

I would be very happy and so blessed to have a fourth boy too. Some days I really want this baby to be a boy. Reece would have a best friend like Shane and Cody do. Not that a girl wouldn't be. I love the looks we get at stores, "3 boys?! Wow!" I'd love to hear, "4 boys! Oh my goodness." ;-) I take pride in being a boy mama! 

I trust The Lord. He knows best. He already has a plan for this baby. I have peace that I will get a girl one day. We'd be very happy with 4 children. It's a perfect number! It's a lot. But then it's not. Ya know? But we may keep trying until we get a girl ;) lol jk {maybe}.. 

Honestly, I don't feel too excited at the thought of being pregnant again after this baby. My body needs a BREAK! I just weaned Reece. {yay!} Bittersweet. I've been pregnant and/or breast feeding for 6+ years straight. LITERALLY. I had a one month break between weaning Cody & getting pregnant with Reece.  So since I got pregnant with Shane in 2007, I've been either pregnant or breast feeding and often both. No wonder my teeth suffer! So I day dream at the thought of not breast feeding or being pregnant. For real. I can finally get to my goal weight. I can tone up my saggy skin areas (especially the ladies!), work hard to get rid of stretch marks, heal my teeth easier...not be as tired...the list goes on. 

I imagined our family 3.5 years from now. Shane will be 8, Cody 7, Reece 5 and the new baby 3. And we are at Disneyland. I'm at my goal weight & healthy. The boys are all old enough to know not to wonder off. The 3 year old is a girl in a Cinderella dress. She's potty trained so no diaper bags. I'm not breastfeeding. All the kids are happy, healthy. I'm happy. Thankful. My husband & I are more in love than ever. We are right in God's will.  I want time to FREEZE. 
Now I'm teary. 

I hate rushing time. I'm always wanting time to go by so I can have the baby. Get to my goal weight. Ect. I need to hold these days tight. Shane just finished k4! He will be in kindergarten next year! My how time has flown! 

I hope I don't sound ungrateful for all these blessings (my four babies plus our angle babies). We wanted each and every one of them and they are my whole life!!!
 I'm just tired. And emo!!! Oh my soul!! 

I am weepy and moody like never before! Mother's Day was not a pretty day for my husband. Poor guy. I cried and yelled that I did the dishes on Mother's Day. What a brat! I didn't even give him a CHANCE to do them! I'm just so sensitive and snappy. Waah. 

I am craving fruit (apricots), and OJ, and homemade juices every day! So NOT craving sweets like donuts & brownies {blah} like I did with the boys. But really what does that mean? Nothing probably. It means I'm pregnant. Duh. ;-) 

Praying for a healthy, beautiful, good baby. Boy or girl I am so happy. My husband really wants another boy Lol. But I know a girl would be good for him. 

What do you think we are having? Are you good at guessing? I KNEW my sis I. Law was having a boy and they are! I knew my friend was as well and she is also having a boy. My sis says she knows its a girl. What do you think? 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Um. I'm crazy.

So. These pregnancy cravings are whats crazy. Listen to this. I am nausiated all yesterday and today. Today was bad. No food at all until afternoon. Wondering WHY morning sickness was coming back, or did I get a little bug? BLAH.

I stay home from church, which always makes me sad. I am watching Ruby (you know that show? she use to be 700 lbs! My husband hates the show. I love it.) scrolling through Instagram, and one of my friends posted a picture of fried rice.  MUST. HAVE. NOW. Mouth watered.

Forget it Adrienne. No fried rice your sick! Stop. Don't even think about it.  "Why don't you just ask your husband to get you some on the way home?" you ask. Well. Hm. My husband never has been a, "Sure let me get you whatever you want while you're pregnant" type of husband. He is a "we don't have money for that. Make some." or, "I'll make you a _________". 
So no. Not an option. Only option is to sneak out of the house, take my husbands truck, drive it down the street to the Panda Express drive through, and come straight home before hubby and boys get back. I can do it. I have time. Muahahaha.

I am wearing pink snow flake pj pants. A pink sweat shirt. Flip flops. No make up. My husband's seat belt in his truck is broken. Old truck. I am so obsessed with seat belts and car safety. Here I am breaking the law, for fried rice.

I wrap the seatbelt around me so it looks like I am wearing one. I am freaking out that someone is going to rear end me and I'll fly through the wind shield.

I get to Panda. Oh snap. NO DRIVE THROUGH. I do NOT go anywhere in my pjs. ever. Then end. It's such a pet peeve of mine when I see ladies at Walmart in pjs. 

"Lord, please don't let their be anyone else ditching church and getting panda right now".  I run in. Long line. A worker acknowledges me. "Hi just one thing of fried rice please." "Ok, is that all?" "That's it!" I was in and out in 60 seconds. Score. I was home, enjoying my fried rice in 15 minuets.

I ate like 10 bites and I was full. Bummer.

This pregnancy is making me C.R.A.Z.Y.