Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Almost a year ago....

Picture a year ago at half marathon, to most recent full body picture, 30 lbs lighter 2 months pregnant.  

Almost a year ago (June 1 will be one year) since my last half marathon. Wow time flies! And I'm utterly depressed with how out of shape I have gotten since then! Even though I still weigh 20 lbs less right now at 18 weeks pregnant, I can not endure hardly anything!

Okay yes partly because of the human I'm growing.  But mostly because I haven't worked out except walking once in a while for months!!!!

Amazing....that I DID run that grueling half marathon, 8 miles of it up hill in the heat on a tiny trail.  Now I can barely do the elliptical for 10 minuets. 

Today while walking on the treadmill I got light headed at the end of the 20 mins.  I am not gonna push myself too hard.  Light cardio, light weights to build muscles, that's it.  Soon I won't be pregnant anymore then I can really focus on FINALLY getting to my goal weight.  If I don't gain a couple dozen more pounds before I have the baby! YIkes! But I've worked out two days in a row. yay!

I am about to finish "Mockingjay" the last Hunger Games book. So good! Now what to read? I love series. Suggestions?

Speaking of husband started watching Walking Dead...{why do men love violent gory things?}. At first I refused to watch it...I's so fake and disturbing, and we know nothing like that will ever happen...zombies are not found in the bible people!

But then I didn't leave the room right away when it was on, and they only showed zombies like twice in an episode {of which I cover my eyes...duh} and the suspense is so addicting!

I think I am purposely trying to find a lot of things to take my mind off the pregnancy, so time goes by fast.  Anxious to know if we will have a 4th boy or our 1st girl. Anxious to not be pregnant.....already can't sleep...have to pee ALL.THE.TIME.  Can't breath through my nose {Pregnancy Rhinitis} ugh.  18 weeks and waddling....yes when I have to pee I waddle...but apparently not everyone can tell I'm pregnant still. To some I must just look chubby.  A very all wise women came up to me in Target and said, "Since you have three boys, if you ever have another baby it's gonna be a boy..." I said, "Well I am pregnant now!" She said, "Oh, it's a boy." Oh thank you. You must know everything. 

Puppy chewed through our Mac cord. That was fun.  Got photos to edit, church tonight, gotta scoot...tootles.

ps please give me good book series suggestions!


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The Skinny on Staci said...

Well, you wanted a series... maybe Ice Machines is it! ROFL
I remember you running in that 1/2. I can't *believe* that's been a year ago now!