Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How it's going

It's HOT. Oh boy.  So miserable.  It was 114 two days ago!!!! And our house wouldn't get below 85, even with the AC blasting.  I have been so grumpy and irritated. 

THE SCALE.....don don don.  Always have to do that. ;) I hate it right now.  I'm so swollen and other pregnant lady symptoms, and it keeps telling me I've gained 19-20 lbs already! WWWWHHHHATTTT NOOOOOOOOO! Not. Cool. 

I finished Harry Potter.  Pretty good.  And I finished a book on the Holocaust called, "The Hidden Children".   Sooooo sad.  If you ever feel bad for yourself, just read up on the Holocaust.  For reals.  These poor children were hid, from house to house, some just in the forest, running from the Nazi's for years.  Most of their parents died in Concentration Camps. 

There was this one awful story I keep thinking about.  There was 50 Jews hiding under a building from Germans that were looking for them. An 18 month old boy kept crying & crying. The men were saying, "we need to kill this boy or they will find us". A few tried but they just couldn't do it. Then one man said, "We can't kill him. If they find us, than they find us." The boys father then said, "I can't have 50 people sacrificed for my child." And the father killed his own son. I can't stop thinking about this awful story!!!! 
I could NEVER. Could you imagine? You'd like they could just make him pass out or something. But I guess not :( 
Then I thought, that's exactly what Jesus did for us. Sacrificed His only Son so we could live.  I've been working hard on my book.  Got over 4,500 words written! Lots to go still :) How are you?!!!

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Lauryn Roth said...

wow that is a great way to look at it...so true. So sad. Im sorry you are so hott!! That is one thing i HATE and its being hot LOL