Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last nights dinner in Pics

The squash is from our garden.  So beautiful and delish.  I sautéed it in olive oil with garlic salt.  Desert was homemade cookie bars.  I used the Nestle Toll House recipe and just spread dough in an oiled pan (I used olive oil-I hate sprays, they smell so chemically). 
Posted another day of My Fitness Pal diary.  Not perfect.  Trying to get in more veggies.  Already doing better today.  Since I've been eating 3-4 eggs a day I've been full a lot.  
The chocolate....yeah....well. I have this new "treat" I melt chocolate and eat it with a graham cracker :) I share with my boys, so it's not so bad. Wink. 
Making a green smoothie for a snack today, and the stew is just about ready! I'll try to post pics of that tomorrow.  
I haven't gotten to walk yet today, Reece woke up early....throws my whole day off.  Also been emotional about the fact that Shane is starting Kindergarten in a month.  Whoa.   And, I'm feeling a little blue right now and I'm not sure why.  Pregnancy hormones! Gr.  Okay gotta run! Lot's to do as usual. 


Lauryn's Loosin It said...

yum that sounds so good i will have to look for that at costco!!

Anonymous said...

The feeling blue could be the chocolate you're eating. There is just something about it, but I have heard others say it affects them that way. It does that to me too. Just a thought ;)