Saturday, July 13, 2013

THIS is me.

For any new, or even old readers I may have, I wanted to write a random list of "who I am and am not".  Because sometimes....I come across blogs where these ladies are so seemingly perfect with their organic eating and nutritious cooking, parenting skills, time management, ect that I feel like poop after reading. No offense to them :)  Although I know they are not perfect, and don't claim to be, I am just reminded of how much work I have to do. 

1.  I KNOW what is a healthy nutritious meal.  I KNOW what I should be feeding our family.  I don't always do this perfectly every paycheck.  Sometimes things come up and I can't get the best of the best.  So I have to make do with good enough. 

2.  I am a real food advocate.  I know processed foods are bad and makes us sick.  I still eat them sometimes.  Sometimes too much. 

3.  I have seen amazing health results in cutting processed foods and eating a traditional diet, like healing a cavity.  My eczema going away.  My IBS under control.  Yet times I still give into that donut or cake. 

4.  I tend to get FAT when I get pregnant. That is just my body, even if I eat really well. My body has some sort of fat memory that is triggered when pregnant. 
Then I work really hard to lose all the weight AND some after the baby is born.   Then I get pregnant again.  And again. And again. And again. 

5.  I am super proud that I've ran two half marathons, one 10K, several 5Ks, and done 3 triathlons.  I plan to do another half marathon in 2014. 

6.  I will never give up. 

7.  I was 21 pounds away from my goal weight at 10 weeks pregnant this past April.  Now at nearly 25 weeks I'm {gulp} back up to 50 something pounds away from it.  {sad face. I told you I get fat while pregnant}.  -and no, I won't update my weight tracker until I have this baby.  It will be a terrible, horrific ordeal I tell you.


9.  I have to, HAVE to log my food or I won't lose weight.

10.  I am a born again Christian and so thankful for God's help and grace! 

11.  We tend to only make boy babies.

12.  I am trying to write a fiction book.

13. I am also trying to write an eBook on how I converted a lot of our house to more natural, healthier ways with in a budget.  {cloth diapers, water filters, glass sippies, ect}.

14.  There just isn't enough time in a day to do all the things I want to do. 

15. I read a lot.  A LOT.

16. I am horrible at cleaning my house. I do it though. But I loathe it.

17.  I do photography.  Newborns are my favorite. 

18.  I know gluten is from the devil.  But after 4 months of not eating it, I am eating it again. 

19.  I HAVE to wake up before my boys and have coffee and read my bible or I am a scary lady.

20.  I yell at my kids too much and I'm always behind on laundry.


Tiffany said...

Kindred spirits!:) Thanks for sharing!

The Skinny on Staci said...

This was fun to read. :)

Lauryn Roth said...

i have to log food too..i hate it. That is awesome about your marathons though! I dont think I could ever do that!

Bridgette said...

Great post! Blogs and Facebook tend to portray folk as superhuman. Thanks for keeping it real.