Saturday, August 31, 2013

Price comparison: Target Vs Walmart


In my quest to find the best deals with couponing and price matching, I wanted to know the truth once and for Target or Walmart cheaper?  

Yes.  I went to Target and Walmart in the same day and compared all these items prices. 

Something you may not know is Target does price matching!!! Yes it's true!!!! Bring a sale ad in of anything and Target will match the price.  I recently discovered this about Target and was soooo happy.  I could live in Target ya know?  

I have done price matching at Walmart in the past and now I am so glad to know I can do it at Target.

Why would anyone do that? Why not just get it from the store with the ad?  Well a few reasons, 
the store ads (I use Villarita (sp?) and Superior) for extremely cheap produce  because the produce from these stores go bad very quickly.  I get all Target's good produce for the extremely cheap price!! 

Also, so I don't have to go to seven different grocery stores to get the cheap prices.  

And lastly I have a Target debit Red Card, so I save %5 on everything.  

Okay here is the comparison.  Target's pictures are on top.  Walmart on the bottom.  

Prices: Target Vs. Walmart 

Target Muscle Milk (I bought for my hubby) $20.99 
Walmart Muscle Milk (had to picture online) $21.96 

Target Wins!

Heavy whipping cream Target $3.79 Market Pantry brand
Heavy whipping cream Walmart $3.58 Great Value brand 

Walmart's is cheaper, but with my %5 off Red card, Target's brand is really $3.60 

Target Market Pantry sour cream 16 oz $1.47
Walmart Great Value sour cream 16 oz $1.48 

Score another for Target!

Target Up & Up medium trash bags 60 for $4.99 ($.08 a trash bag)
Walmart Great Value tall trash bags 32 for $3.97 ($.12 a trash bag)
They are different sizes, I couldn't find medium trash bags at Walmart.

La Bella gel for my boys Target and Walmart both $1.84!

Target Up & Up milk and honey hand soap 64 oz $4.49
Walmart didn't have a Great Value milk and honey, only a 64 oz Soft Soap for $4.88

Target Wins!

Target Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste $3.84
Walmart Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste $4.25!!

Whoa big win for Target!!!
(PS We only use this tooth paste and I love it. It's really made a difference in my oral health and I think helped in healing my cavity.)

Target and Walmart Gain dish soap (my fave!) both $1.97

Target's Up & Up sandwich bags 150 for $3.49 ($.02 a bag)
Walmart's Great Value sandwich bags 200 for $3.97 ($.02 a bag)

Tied again.

Target's Market Pantry boneless skinless chicken breast $6.99 (came w free hot dogs!)
Walmart's Great Value boneless skinless chicken breast $6.98

I'd say Target one because of the free hot dogs. Right?

Target's Market Pantry Red Wine Vinegar $1.42 for 12.7 oz
Walmart didn't have a Great Value of normal Red Wine Vinegar, just garlic flavored which I didn't want! So I pictured the cheapest one 12 oz $1.78

Target wins!!!

Target Celery $1.58
Walmart Celery $1.67

Target wins again!!

Target potatoes 5lbs $2.99 ($.60 a lb)
Walmart potatoes 10lbs $4.97 ($.50 a lb)

Walmart wins one.

The horrendous lines at Walmart.......

So who wins?? 


Especially with my Red Card discount, PLUS I used the Cartwheel app (Target discount app!!! awesome!) PLUS Target gives coupons (Walmart doesn't) and you can use manufacturers coupons on top of that.  

My total savings with price matching just produce, using my Red Card and the Cartwheel app was about $50 on my whole grocery budget!!!!! 

Totally worth it.  I love Target, it's way more of a pleasant experience.  

I also compared prices on diapers from Costco to Target.  With the Cartwheel discount plus my Red Card discount I got a total of %10 off diapers and it was cheaper at Target.  

Some things are cheaper at Walmart, like shoes and clothes, but you can find amazing sale prices at Target, and they have better selections.  PLUS..... with the Red Card (yes I am saying it again...) you get %5 off.  So there you have it.  

Anyone else find amazing deals at Target??

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's My Birthday!! Goals for my 28th year of life....

Hi. It's my birthday. I'm 28. On the 28th.  My golden Birthday.  It's gonna be a great year.  I have some goals.  Well, really one main one. 

Goal: Reach my goal weight!!!!! I think I know I can do it. MUST DO IT. Once this baby is born this fat is going dowwwwn.  Down to China Town.  They could all use some fat.

Other goals for my 28th year of life:

Finish my book.

Run another half marathon.

Do another triathlon.

Be the best Mommy to my four boys that I can, the best wife I can be and the best Christian I can be!!

I woke up to my husband and Shane (5) making me breakfast. How sweet is that? I enjoyed coffee while they cooked :) It was lovely. 

After picking Shane up from school we headed to Costco where I tried to stay with in my budget, getting distracted by all the CHRISTMAS decorations and presents!!! It's still August.  Crazy Costco. I love it, don't get me wrong...but it's still crazy.  There's 118 days left till Christmas.  Yes I have an app on my phone that tells me everyday because my boys ask me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Then they say, "show me on your fingers!" That's fun. 

Am I the only one who's kids literally forget all their manners and how to behave in a store? Especially if they see toys, Halloween costumes, AND Christmas lights and presents all in one isle?  Golly. 

I bought a Cheesecake to celebrate my Bday.  My hubby offered to make me a cake but I want Cheesecake. 

I came home and cleaned out the fridge, and cleaned up and unloaded the groceries. Being an adult is no fun.  Just kidding I love it.  Most of the time. 

Ok gotta go!! Have a blessed day!

PS I did not look this cute today shopping.  Nope. 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creating Habits

Right. I've mentioned how I can (and do) spend hours on a beautiful schedule just for it to only last a day in real life.  I've discovered the secret for ME for setting a routine I desire is......CREATING HABITS!!!  I've talked about this before a bit, but it's really working for me...yay!

The first thing I wanted to do was make a habit of doing the dishes every night before bed so the sink is empty when I wake up.  I am happy to say I got that down. Whoot! Feels so amazing to go to bed with the dishwasher running and to wake up to a clean sink. 

Second habit I wanted to do was wake up earlier and get dressed and make my bed every day.  I have been doing really well with this one too, but still need another week before it's "habit" I think. 

The next thing I want to make a habit of is doing a load of laundry a day and folding it right away. I am HORRIBLE at laundry! I want to do this in the morning, but with Shane starting school yesterday I am so off on anything I normally do.

After that is making a nice dinner five nights a week.  Here's a secret, shhhh......I don't really like to cook that much!! Gasp. I know.  I like to bake...but for some reason putting together an entire entree seems so daunting to me. Silly I know. 

This is so funny, my husband wanted to make a list of things he could do to be a better husband. After he wrote down what I said (more dates, buy me more gifts, lol) I asked him what my list would be to be a better wife and he wrote "Gourmet cooking".  LOL. Oh I love him! Poor guy. He LOVES food. Like amazing food. He always talks about the french food we ate at a nice restaurant or an amazing dessert we had. 

I DO really want to cook amazing yummy healthy foods.  I don't dislike cooking when I'm doing it, and I really love when my family loves what I make, but I am a lazy "fast" cooker most of the time.  With four boys and a husband that just shouldn't be what I settle for though.  I am planning on challenging myself in this area.  I need to try some things and explore cooking.  More details to come, but it's gonna be good.

Like this new Ad I made? Thanks to Free Pretty Things for You! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kindergarten!!! And 31 weeks!

My baby, my first born son, started kindergarten today. Wowsers. I don't want to say too much because I will cry again. Yes I cried. My boys are growing so fast. 

I weighed myself for the first time in a while. Hate the scale right now. I'm 31 weeks and have gained 35 pounds. If I gain 9-10 more pounds ill be ok with that. I only gained 35 lbs total with Reece but I walked three times a week durning the last ten weeks with him. I'm not too worried, I don't want to stress for the last couple months.  I'm so excited to meet my baby!! 

I am DE.TER.MINED. To lose the weight and MORE and get to goal after he's born. My birthday is in two days. It's my golden year (28 born on the 28th!)!! 

That means I must...I WILL reach my goal weight while I'm 28. Hopefully.... ;-) 

I'm starting something really exciting September 1, can't wait to share with you all.  If there's anyone reading??? 

Ok night all!! 

Love, Me 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Secrets to the best banana bread..

I've made a lot of different banana bread recipes. Our friends and family love my banana bread because of these secrets...
Must say, my mom and grandma are the banana bread queens. I get it from them :) 

Secret #1 
Slightly undercook it. It still cooks a bit after you pull it out, and you want the top a little doughy & super soft, NOT crunchy (unless that's how you like it, of course). 

Secret #2 
MILK! Most recipes leave milk out. At least 1/2 a cup of milk is always always necessary for perfect banana bread. Otherwise it will be dry. 

Secret #3 
Don't mash the bananas. My husband likes chunks of banana in the bread, so I recently started not mashing it before mixing it and wow it's yummy.

Another tip- I oil the pans with olive oil, I never use Pam.  Pam smells like chemicals...blah. 

Here's the recipe: 
(I always double the recipe and make two loaves! This is for ONE loaf).
Here is my recipe for gluten free, sugar free banana bread

2 cups flour 
1 tsp baking soda 
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup sugar 
2 eggs
2 ripe bananas 
1/2 cup whole milk 

Bake in a bread pan on 350 for 47 minuets (timing is everything! Check your bread with a knife at 40 mins) 

1/8 of a loaf of bread = 338 calories, 12.5 g fat, 7.7 g sat fat, 51.1 g carbs, 28 g sugar, 5 g protein 

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grumpy. and Sleepy.

I had a great morning....well that's a lie. We all woke up at 9am! Which is amazing, except we had soccer pictures for the boys at 9:45. 

So off in a hurry, can't find the right field. Finally find it, can't find anyone with the boys uniforms. Hubby was frustrated with me for not having better details. Grrr. 

It all worked out though and the day went on really well. Spent $.07 at Sports Chalet on a soccer ball, shin guards, cones, and gum! They send us gift certificates ever so often for being members, this one was for $10 & I found a ball on sale for $.48!! Score. It's a perfect soccer ball too, the cashier thought it was wrong, but I informed her it was actually 

Then we went to sears to finish school clothes shopping for Shane (starts K Monday!) we found kids shoes on sale for $3.99!! I bought six pairs for the boys as well as clothes for school on sale. Spent $93 for a boat load of stuff. Score again. 

We get home and I'm just exhausted already, but do laundry, organize Shane's clothes, clean out boys closet, and more anyways. But I am just GRUMPY and Tired. 

I hate that! 

Ugh no one likes a grumpy person! But I am so irritable tonight. 

I thought chocolate might help but it didn't. Hmm. Must be a baaad case of the grumpies.  

I'm so emotional from pregnancy too and add that Shane starting school is really effecting me. I keep thinking I wasted the first 5 years of his life by not teaching him more, laughing more, doing more fun things... I feel like he's leaving for college!!! Lol! 

But seriously, Monday starts him starting school for the REST of his life while he lives at home!! It's depressing, right? 

I'm SO thankful for the private school and for the godly teachers and I know he will love it.

Should add WEEPY to the title.

My fam has told me to go to bed LOL so off I go. Night night. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get a way

At the staff retreat with our church at a wonderful hotel! My mom is watching the boys...muahahaha. 

Sorry, no laughing. Lets just say she's exhausted already. 

It's a nice little one night get away for us. And refreshing time of renewal for The Lord in the ministry. Super thankful for our church and that my husband gets to work there.

Pregnancy hormones on high alert. Hubby asked me when we were leaving why I didn't do my hair. 

Um I did do my hair and I thought it looked good! Cry fest (real tears) for like 20 minuets. My husband definitely regretted saying anything and was very sorry. LOL. 

:-) Have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not cool

You know what's not cool? Feeling like you have to pee so bad, going pee & only a little comes out. Then you start walking (you're at church) and you feel like you have to pee so bad again. So you go to the bathroom AGAIN and nothing comes out. So you stay on the toilet waiting to pee and you blog about it. 
This may or may not be happening. 


Yup just hash tagged in a blog post. 

What I feed my active husband-on a budget

As you can see my husband is not skinny, but just right. (And handsome. Don't look too long mkay?) 

He is exactly what he should weigh according to his life insurance company (170 lbs).  Lucky him. 

Although his family thinks he's too thin LOL ;-) 

He's so active, he has always worked construction or physical labor. He walks all day around 80 acres. Plus he lifts weights on his lunch break. 

So I HAVE to feed him a lot of calories!! Since we aren't rich, (shocker right!) I try to give him a lot of inexpensive healthy calorie and fat packed foods like coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, ect.  And he never ever eats lunch out. If I don't make him a lunch he doesn't eat. He's stubborn ;) 

Here's a typical day and just about what I gave him today. 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled cooked in 2 Tbsp organic coconut oil, 2 pieces if toast with 2 tbsp butter, and an orange sliced.  
Total calories: 701 total fat: 62 total protein: 24 grams 

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich w an egg on it. (3 slices turkey, mayo, cheese, mustard.) if I have spinach & avocado those go on too, today I didn't.   
Granola bar
Pumpkin bread w butter 
Protein powder (he drinks after work out)

Total Calories: 1,290 calories, 51 g fat, 102 G protein 

Dinner: 1 1/2 c spaghetti w Italian sausage & marinara sauce 
Veggies sautéed in olive oil
Fruit for snack (sometimes he eats ice cream or cereal at night too but I'm leaving that out). 
Total: Calories 1066, 43 fat, 24 protein 

Total for the day: 3057 calories, 156 fat grams, 151 protein grams 

I should be giving him more protein (about 20 g more). I'm gonna work on that :) 

Wasn't that an exciting post? 

My mom is coming today so I must go fold and iron laundry on the guest bed. Hubby and I are heading to a work thing tomorrow so she is watching boys for us. Yay for grandmas! 

Love ya all thanks for reading :) 

Anyone else have an active hubby and or boys that you have to feed a lot? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Oh my goodness. I have had such an AWFUL day. 

 For starters, the remote control decided not to work. Not that big of a deal right? Except the TV doesn't work with out the remote. Stupid "smart" TV. We are NOT TV junkies. We have never even had cable since we got married seven years ago. BUT, it's part of our morning routine, that when the boys wake up they watch some cartoons while I finish up with "sitting" chores {emails, bills, phone calls, blog, photography, ect} or my devotions, or anything I didn't get done while they were sleeping. So BAM. That didn't happen today. And I woke up late so I was behind. Gr.

 Then my hubby asked me to take the car to get an oil change. So we went before Reece's afternoon nap. We had a coupon for a dealership oil change, but the wait was 1.5 hours! What! Ugh! Okay, I was there, so I just said, "Tough it up woman" and agreed to it. 

 Then I had the brilliant idea to walk to Target. Well the guy at the dealership pointed me in the wrong direction, so we walked about 1/2 mile out of the way. I am HORRIBLE with directions, but even I knew I was walking away from Target. Grrrr. It's blistering hot. Two mad men child boys walking, one in the stroller, and half a water bottle to share. The two older rascals were running and jumping off everything in site. I think I scolded them at least 100 times for being normal rambunctious boys. 

 My stress level was high. 

 We get the Salvation Army which is next to Target, after a good 40 minuets of walking. I'm browsing. I see a REAL nice kids guitar for $10!! It only has one string missing, besides that its perfect! We want our boys to do music when they turn 6 so I was sold. Then the 4YO yells, "i have to go caca mom!!!" yay. 

Text my husband {who felt awful for me by the way} about the guitar and he gets angry for spending money. Now I'm crying. Because I'm hot. My kids are acting like they've never been taught how to behave. And now my husband is mad at me. We get to Target, buy some water and bananas because my poor children are dying of thirst and hunger. We start back to the dealership. I'm in a dress and sandals. S.W.E.A.T.Y. Two hours total we finally make it back to get our car. Pay. Go find car. Some jerk parked his dang big ol truck right in front of my van! Oh when I find this guy. Pregnant hormonal mama bear is in full beast mode. Find the guy. Kindly ask him to move vehicle. {pat on the back for me for keeping a good testimony}. Load in boys, Reece is now asleep. Drive home, so exhausted. House is a mess. I'm a mess. Husband on his way home. Is it bed time yet? This is my 'Outfit of the Day" photo my 5 year old took of me before we left. He needs to work on his photo taking skills a bit.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Something Exciting.....

I'm super excited about something......I am having someone re-do my whole blog! Yippee! She is designing a custom header for me, and I am majorly organizing and sprucing up my posts. I will FINALLY have the proper tabs so things will be easier to find. Things like recipes (also which I have a bunch to add). I'm adding new tabs that I have been wanting to add, but there won't be clutter on my header anymore. So excited. It'll take her a few more weeks, but well worth the wait. ALSO.......after the blog design is finished, I will hopefully be putting up Ad's!!! {For very very cheap, so let me know if you are interested!} I have been blogging almost 4 years now and have never made any kind of income or anything, but it's my passion and desire to grow the blog and keep it going and most of all log my weight loss after I have boy 4. So why not get a little something if I can? I know some people are really against that, but hey with 4 boys soon, plus a husband, groceries are going up....Up....UP!!!!! FOR REAL. My 5 year old is ALWAYS hungry!!!!!!!!!! You should have heard him on the way home from our trip yesterday. "Mom are we there yet? I'm stttarrrrvvvving!!!!" Over and over and over. And my Father in Law told us my husband has to be at least 5 pounds heavier next time we come visit. LOL. He eats a lot too! He walks all day at work and is always doing manual labor so he burns everything. Yeah, so I try to feed all my guys LOTS of protein, coconut oil, milk, ect, and those things aint cheap! Ok, that's all for today. Must. Go. Clean.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


It was my Great grandma Ruby's 100th Bday yesterday! Isn't she so beautiful? My goodness what a blessing. She still knows all her great great grandsons names, tells me stories from when I was little, and is in great health. 
Her and my great grandpa Harvey were married 73 years!!! And happily married too. 
I'm very thankful to have her. She's my hero! 
My grandma Linda, her Mom, my great Grandma Ruby, and Cody her great great grandson. 
Me and great grandma ruby. 
Cody and great grandma ruby. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Birth Plan??

I'm almost 30 weeks. Wow.  Time is flying by!!! With Reece (our 3rd son), I already had my birth plan all printed out and ready to go by now.  But...the birth did not go according to plan! 

I have hesitated to even allow myself expectations with this birth since I was disappointed with myself for giving in to the epidural for Reece's birth.  You can read his birth story here and here.  It was still a wonderful amazing birth. 

This time I am hoping, and praying to have a natural birth, and there are things I am doing to try to insure that happens, BUT, I am not going to put so much pressure on myself this time.   If my water breaks first again and I'm in a huge amount of pain with no progression like I was with Reece, well then I just may get the epidural. 

I'm a bit nervous because in TN where we had Reece, it was super lax at the hospital.  They left us alone, they didn't mind me sleeping with the baby, they didn't cut the cord until it stopped pulsing, and my husband caught the  baby!

In California, I know they are much more strict.  We are having Baby Boy 4 at the same hospital Boy 1 & 2 were born.  They are stricter with their "rules" which is why I really wanted to birth at a birthing center, but it's not an option for us with the price.  Our insurance covers everything for a hospital birth, but not a birth center. 

I'm praying I will have the birth I desire to have, that I wanted with Reece.  But again, a healthy baby and Mama is the #1 goal.  :)  I just had another ultrasound to check placenta location, and I'm assuming all is well, but won't know until the doctor calls me.  I NEVER know what I'm looking at on those screens.  "This is his ear.." really? It looks like a foot...Are you sure?  "See the arm and fingers?" No........ LOL

I will write up a birth plan eventually.  Been so busy! Going to our home town today five hours north for my Great Grandma's 100th bday party!!!! I'm so blessed! She is still healthy and lives at home! So awesome.  I'll post pics. 

Love ya all for reading, and commenting. They make my day :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few good things.

Yesterday I got up 15 minuets earlier, made my bed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and got dressed.  When I walked out to the living room my husband was SHOCKED.  LOL! He wakes up usually a whole hour before me because he works on his Sunday sermons.  I started boiling eggs,  switched the loads of laundry, made my husbands lunch, served him breakfast, then had time to pray, read my bible, and work on some blog stuff! Whoot!

My husband said he was impressed, and he kept kissing me :) haha.  I guess my unbrushed teeth/coffee breath wasn't that appealing before.  Don't judge.

My Pastor's wife has said, wives should get dressed before their husbands leave, so their last memories of us aren't in a bath robe while they head to the office with cute dressed women.  I always thought, "Well that's just too hard. I have babies. I'm sleeping, I'm tired, it's too early, he better not notice any ladies at work... ect."  My thoughts are so meek. I know.

But hey, I'm realizing, it's really not that hard to throw on a comfy dress and freshen up. It doesn't even take long.  I just need to add to my "Home wardrobe" knit dresses and skirts and comfy, cute outfits.  I actually got a cute plum colored maxi yesterday at Ross for $12!

Plllluuuusssss.... I'm a MOM to all boys.  Modesty at home will be an issue soon. Should I be walking around the house in a little nightie???? Oh boy, I laughed out loud. I don't wear nighties!  I wear ridiculous flannel pj's and an over sized shirt with no bra. Let me just throw in there that since I've extremely pregnant at the moment I also sleep with tons of pillows strategically placed around me.  Man, my poor husband.

Anyways, it's already to the point where the two older boys can't be in my room while I'm changing.  "Mom, why do you have to wear that thing (bra)? Do I have boobs?" after questions like that I realized...oh crud, you're getting older. Get out of my room!

This morning I got up even earlier (because I thought I heard Reece yelling "Mommy!" but he was sound asleep in his crib, yay!) so I made my bed, brushed my teeth AND showered!! Yes!

Even though I still haven't nailed down a schedule, I realized just adding in a couple things I want to do, (like the dishes at night, getting dressed right away, ect) they will eventually become a habit.  Wow, I'm finally growing up!

Here's some Pinterest inspiration for my "Home Wardrobe".  Bahaha totally kidding about the bunny heel slippers. Could you imagine?

What do you wear all day? When do you get dressed?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Skinny Lattes and Scripture

Last week I was searching for a ladies bible study blog, with a women of the bible reading schedule.  I found none! I was super frustrated looking for a schedule to read through the ladies of the bible, and the Lord put on my heart to make one.  Then I thought, I should start a devotional blog too and do scripture devotions!!! I am NOT qualified for this.  I apologize ahead of time.  ;) I'm excited about it.  It's going to be an extension of this blog, like a tab.  So please check it often and read it!!

I still have some work, okay a lot of work to do on it.  I'm working on the bible reading schedule now. I'll also have references for prayer, motherhood, being a wife, ect.  

I just did the first devotion today, and it's about my love story.  So go read it here.  Oh btw, it's called Skinny Lattes and Scripture.  1. Because I ALWAYS have coffee while reading my bible. And
2. Skinny- because I'm a weight loss blog.  Duh.

Ok, go show it some love please! Thank you all xoxoxo

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Goals

I have been working hard on a schedule for once Shane starts school.  It is going to throw a huge change into our current routine.  I'm frustrated because I feel like I can't nail it down.  So for now I am just listing a few goals I have for myself.  :) {Super exciting post right?}

Morning Goals- 
* Get up, make bed right away {need to get into this habit!} 
* Brush teeth
* Get dressed {I want to buy some cheap dresses and comfy "House" clothes so I'm not in PJ's all day.  Especially since I will have to pick up Shane everyday from school at noon. 
* Do a load of laundry right away, and put it on my bed.  Fold it right away, but put away after boys wake up 
* Devotions/Bible/Pray {Already do, but I have some bible reading goals}
* Make breakfast {enough for everyone, usually I make bf just for hubby at this time} and lunch for hubby 
* Write/Work on blog 
* Walk a couple mornings a week

Day Time goals- 
* Reading time with boys
* Have boys color
* Tuesday/Thursday "homeschool" Cody K4 
* Make boys nutrious food
*  Make boys do chores 
* Log my food into My Fitness Pal {not to count calories since I'm pregnant... just as a journal!} 

Night time goals- 
* Do dishes and run dishwasher every night (already been doing this, and I LOVE it. Just started & is such a blessing to wake up to a clean kitchen!) 
*Pray with boys
* Bible with boys as well as story
*Boys lights out by 8pm
* Me lights out by 10 pm

Okay so that was way more than a few.

Yesterday my I got an iPhone 4s! yay! Reece dropped my old phone in a cup of water.  So my Mom said she'd buy me an iPhone for my bday, which is in a couple weeks! (ack! 28!)

The Lord was so good, and when I called to see if Target had a white iPhone 4s the man told me they were going on sale on Sunday, so with the sale, plus they gave me $30 for my old phone ($25 off coupon for a new phone when you trade in a phone, plus $5 for my phone value), and I used my Redcard, I got it for $67 total (that's including tax, which is $50 because in CA is based on retail price, stupid taxes).  THEN I got a $25 Target gift card on top of all that! Super! So today, I am selling my iPod for $80,  then using my Target $25 gift card to get my husband a new iPhone.  It's $49 plus $50 tax, but minus $25 for trading in his phone, PLUS $24 for the value of his iPhone 3gs, so we will pay $25 out of pocket total for his new phone, AND get a $25 gift card to Target so it's basically FREE! Amazing deal right now. THAT'S better than getting a free iPhone 4 because we'd still have to pay $50 tax.
Yay for savings, sales, coupons, and beign frugal.  And yay that I will be able to blog more with my iPhone.

Thank you for listening. I love you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

7th Anniversary and Weigh In!

We just celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary! We had a wonderful date. Felt so nice to get a babysitter & be with just hubby. 

Below are pics. Our wedding day, we ate amazing food: appetizer was smoked Mahi Mahi on a wonton (so good), dinner I had a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (I'm a cheap date!) hubby had steak dinner. Dessert was an amazing coconut pudding pie AND a butter cake, with strawberries, mint, ice cream and balsamic vinegar OH MY WORD IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER ENTERED MY MOUTH! Its not pictures because it was so amazing i forgot. We shared dessert and took lots of food home. 

Us shopping & trying on Blingage. 

Had drs apt Monday- only gained 3 lbs this last month! YAY! 👍👏👏👏 

Total gained now: 28 lbs. I'm 28 weeks pregnant. Baby is moving a lot & I love it :) 

Been super busy---boys, husband, book, couponing, meal planning, cleaning should be in there somewhere, reading (have a goal for how many books to read my dec 31). Ect ect ect! Shane had VBS last week and lived it! Our church is amazing. 

Ok gotta run, making a home planner binder to get my bum ORGANIZED. Hopefully it'll stick.