Sunday, August 18, 2013


It was my Great grandma Ruby's 100th Bday yesterday! Isn't she so beautiful? My goodness what a blessing. She still knows all her great great grandsons names, tells me stories from when I was little, and is in great health. 
Her and my great grandpa Harvey were married 73 years!!! And happily married too. 
I'm very thankful to have her. She's my hero! 
My grandma Linda, her Mom, my great Grandma Ruby, and Cody her great great grandson. 
Me and great grandma ruby. 
Cody and great grandma ruby. 


The Skinny on Staci said...

WOW! Esp in that 2nd pic, she looks amazing! Definitely doesn't look 100. And what a true blessing that, at her age, she still is so sharp mentally! She probably has me beat, and I'm 34! lol

Lisa said...

She's beautiful! Just think of all the change she has seen in her lifetime - wow!