Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few good things.

Yesterday I got up 15 minuets earlier, made my bed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and got dressed.  When I walked out to the living room my husband was SHOCKED.  LOL! He wakes up usually a whole hour before me because he works on his Sunday sermons.  I started boiling eggs,  switched the loads of laundry, made my husbands lunch, served him breakfast, then had time to pray, read my bible, and work on some blog stuff! Whoot!

My husband said he was impressed, and he kept kissing me :) haha.  I guess my unbrushed teeth/coffee breath wasn't that appealing before.  Don't judge.

My Pastor's wife has said, wives should get dressed before their husbands leave, so their last memories of us aren't in a bath robe while they head to the office with cute dressed women.  I always thought, "Well that's just too hard. I have babies. I'm sleeping, I'm tired, it's too early, he better not notice any ladies at work... ect."  My thoughts are so meek. I know.

But hey, I'm realizing, it's really not that hard to throw on a comfy dress and freshen up. It doesn't even take long.  I just need to add to my "Home wardrobe" knit dresses and skirts and comfy, cute outfits.  I actually got a cute plum colored maxi yesterday at Ross for $12!

Plllluuuusssss.... I'm a MOM to all boys.  Modesty at home will be an issue soon. Should I be walking around the house in a little nightie???? Oh boy, I laughed out loud. I don't wear nighties!  I wear ridiculous flannel pj's and an over sized shirt with no bra. Let me just throw in there that since I've extremely pregnant at the moment I also sleep with tons of pillows strategically placed around me.  Man, my poor husband.

Anyways, it's already to the point where the two older boys can't be in my room while I'm changing.  "Mom, why do you have to wear that thing (bra)? Do I have boobs?" after questions like that I realized...oh crud, you're getting older. Get out of my room!

This morning I got up even earlier (because I thought I heard Reece yelling "Mommy!" but he was sound asleep in his crib, yay!) so I made my bed, brushed my teeth AND showered!! Yes!

Even though I still haven't nailed down a schedule, I realized just adding in a couple things I want to do, (like the dishes at night, getting dressed right away, ect) they will eventually become a habit.  Wow, I'm finally growing up!

Here's some Pinterest inspiration for my "Home Wardrobe".  Bahaha totally kidding about the bunny heel slippers. Could you imagine?

What do you wear all day? When do you get dressed?


Lauryn's Loosin It said...

lol very cute post! I myself even feel better when I am more fixed up!! I love the pinterest board of outfits and the bunny shoes!!! haha

The Skinny on Staci said...

Isn't it sad what marriage does to your looks? LOL And I can just imagine you with pillows all around. Too funny. My son has been noticing boobs since age 3. Good grief. I've had to start locking my bedroom door for changing time, too. He's a rascal! My husband usually leaves with me laying in bed snoring. LOL Well, I actually don't snore. Then he comes home at lunch and I'm unshowered and still in PJs and pretty stressed at kids. When I get up in the mornings before him and go walking and stuff, I come home and shower immediately after. He kisses me goodbye when I'm all sweaty from my walk but feeling great, and he comes home at lunch to a fixed-up wife. I can tell it makes him happier, and I *know* it makes ME happier. But I always tend to gravitate back towards being a slob. :( Keep it up! You'll feel wonderful for it!

Mrs Swan said...

Ohh dishes at night is something I am working on. We have a dishwasher but it feels like it makes the dishes dirtier lately so hand washing it is. (We tried to clean it and it still didn't help) I am the one that gets up and gets dressed and heads to work while hubby is still sleeping. LOL