Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Oh my goodness. I have had such an AWFUL day. 

 For starters, the remote control decided not to work. Not that big of a deal right? Except the TV doesn't work with out the remote. Stupid "smart" TV. We are NOT TV junkies. We have never even had cable since we got married seven years ago. BUT, it's part of our morning routine, that when the boys wake up they watch some cartoons while I finish up with "sitting" chores {emails, bills, phone calls, blog, photography, ect} or my devotions, or anything I didn't get done while they were sleeping. So BAM. That didn't happen today. And I woke up late so I was behind. Gr.

 Then my hubby asked me to take the car to get an oil change. So we went before Reece's afternoon nap. We had a coupon for a dealership oil change, but the wait was 1.5 hours! What! Ugh! Okay, I was there, so I just said, "Tough it up woman" and agreed to it. 

 Then I had the brilliant idea to walk to Target. Well the guy at the dealership pointed me in the wrong direction, so we walked about 1/2 mile out of the way. I am HORRIBLE with directions, but even I knew I was walking away from Target. Grrrr. It's blistering hot. Two mad men child boys walking, one in the stroller, and half a water bottle to share. The two older rascals were running and jumping off everything in site. I think I scolded them at least 100 times for being normal rambunctious boys. 

 My stress level was high. 

 We get the Salvation Army which is next to Target, after a good 40 minuets of walking. I'm browsing. I see a REAL nice kids guitar for $10!! It only has one string missing, besides that its perfect! We want our boys to do music when they turn 6 so I was sold. Then the 4YO yells, "i have to go caca mom!!!" yay. 

Text my husband {who felt awful for me by the way} about the guitar and he gets angry for spending money. Now I'm crying. Because I'm hot. My kids are acting like they've never been taught how to behave. And now my husband is mad at me. We get to Target, buy some water and bananas because my poor children are dying of thirst and hunger. We start back to the dealership. I'm in a dress and sandals. S.W.E.A.T.Y. Two hours total we finally make it back to get our car. Pay. Go find car. Some jerk parked his dang big ol truck right in front of my van! Oh when I find this guy. Pregnant hormonal mama bear is in full beast mode. Find the guy. Kindly ask him to move vehicle. {pat on the back for me for keeping a good testimony}. Load in boys, Reece is now asleep. Drive home, so exhausted. House is a mess. I'm a mess. Husband on his way home. Is it bed time yet? This is my 'Outfit of the Day" photo my 5 year old took of me before we left. He needs to work on his photo taking skills a bit.


The Skinny on Staci said...

I don't know, girl. If I could get my kids to chop my head out of photos, I'd probably like my photos better! LOL What a crummy day. Had a crummy one here, too. Nothing went right. Felt like hubby felt disappointed in me for the $ I spent and for supper ending up being microwave food at home. Life. Throws. Curveballs. (((hugs)))

Tammy said...

I think his photo skills are spot on! That's what someone his height sees all day long. He probably doesn't even KNOW you have a head way up there! LOL