Friday, August 16, 2013

Birth Plan??

I'm almost 30 weeks. Wow.  Time is flying by!!! With Reece (our 3rd son), I already had my birth plan all printed out and ready to go by now.  But...the birth did not go according to plan! 

I have hesitated to even allow myself expectations with this birth since I was disappointed with myself for giving in to the epidural for Reece's birth.  You can read his birth story here and here.  It was still a wonderful amazing birth. 

This time I am hoping, and praying to have a natural birth, and there are things I am doing to try to insure that happens, BUT, I am not going to put so much pressure on myself this time.   If my water breaks first again and I'm in a huge amount of pain with no progression like I was with Reece, well then I just may get the epidural. 

I'm a bit nervous because in TN where we had Reece, it was super lax at the hospital.  They left us alone, they didn't mind me sleeping with the baby, they didn't cut the cord until it stopped pulsing, and my husband caught the  baby!

In California, I know they are much more strict.  We are having Baby Boy 4 at the same hospital Boy 1 & 2 were born.  They are stricter with their "rules" which is why I really wanted to birth at a birthing center, but it's not an option for us with the price.  Our insurance covers everything for a hospital birth, but not a birth center. 

I'm praying I will have the birth I desire to have, that I wanted with Reece.  But again, a healthy baby and Mama is the #1 goal.  :)  I just had another ultrasound to check placenta location, and I'm assuming all is well, but won't know until the doctor calls me.  I NEVER know what I'm looking at on those screens.  "This is his ear.." really? It looks like a foot...Are you sure?  "See the arm and fingers?" No........ LOL

I will write up a birth plan eventually.  Been so busy! Going to our home town today five hours north for my Great Grandma's 100th bday party!!!! I'm so blessed! She is still healthy and lives at home! So awesome.  I'll post pics. 

Love ya all for reading, and commenting. They make my day :)


The Skinny on Staci said...

I don't think I ever made a birth plan. I just went in knowing I didn't want an epidural and that I didn't want them giving my baby a pacifier or bottle. I found that when I'm in pain nothing I have previously said or done matters anyway. LOL I had an epidural with 2 kids and not an epidural with 2 kids. Got pretty babies every time. :)

Pemberton Family said...

Hey! I had to comment because I have been there. I went into my first labor really wanting a natural birth and determined to make it happen. However, I ended up needing to be induced and put on pitocen which made the pain much worse and the labor LONG! I ended up getting an epidural, everything went fine but I was still disappointed after he was born that I had not been able to do it naturally. With my second I was much more open to either, I knew I wanted to experience the natural delivery but if I had to be induced and put on pitocen again that I would most likely end up with an epidural. I spent a lot of time in prayer asking God to give me the strength to do it and to let my body start labor naturally. When it finally did start on it's own I did everything I could to rely on God to get me through each contraction. After laboring all day at home we finally decided to head to the hospital and that's when the pain got really bad. I stayed calm and prayed through each contraction, when they would subside i would continue to pray. Yes it was painful but I was also completely relying on God to pull me through and he did. I had the same attitude with my 3rd son as well and I was able to do it without drugs again. It was an amazing experience and I truly loved seeing what my body could handle. However, I do not know what I am going to do with this pregnancy. I am hopeful that since it is my 4th that it will go fairly quick and I will not need drugs but since I have already experienced it twice now I may be willing to say "I'm going to enjoy this last birth and just get the epidural". I guess we will see what happens when it finally happens. Love your blog and reading your journey. God Bless.