Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grumpy. and Sleepy.

I had a great morning....well that's a lie. We all woke up at 9am! Which is amazing, except we had soccer pictures for the boys at 9:45. 

So off in a hurry, can't find the right field. Finally find it, can't find anyone with the boys uniforms. Hubby was frustrated with me for not having better details. Grrr. 

It all worked out though and the day went on really well. Spent $.07 at Sports Chalet on a soccer ball, shin guards, cones, and gum! They send us gift certificates ever so often for being members, this one was for $10 & I found a ball on sale for $.48!! Score. It's a perfect soccer ball too, the cashier thought it was wrong, but I informed her it was actually 

Then we went to sears to finish school clothes shopping for Shane (starts K Monday!) we found kids shoes on sale for $3.99!! I bought six pairs for the boys as well as clothes for school on sale. Spent $93 for a boat load of stuff. Score again. 

We get home and I'm just exhausted already, but do laundry, organize Shane's clothes, clean out boys closet, and more anyways. But I am just GRUMPY and Tired. 

I hate that! 

Ugh no one likes a grumpy person! But I am so irritable tonight. 

I thought chocolate might help but it didn't. Hmm. Must be a baaad case of the grumpies.  

I'm so emotional from pregnancy too and add that Shane starting school is really effecting me. I keep thinking I wasted the first 5 years of his life by not teaching him more, laughing more, doing more fun things... I feel like he's leaving for college!!! Lol! 

But seriously, Monday starts him starting school for the REST of his life while he lives at home!! It's depressing, right? 

I'm SO thankful for the private school and for the godly teachers and I know he will love it.

Should add WEEPY to the title.

My fam has told me to go to bed LOL so off I go. Night night. 

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