Saturday, August 31, 2013

Price comparison: Target Vs Walmart


In my quest to find the best deals with couponing and price matching, I wanted to know the truth once and for Target or Walmart cheaper?  

Yes.  I went to Target and Walmart in the same day and compared all these items prices. 

Something you may not know is Target does price matching!!! Yes it's true!!!! Bring a sale ad in of anything and Target will match the price.  I recently discovered this about Target and was soooo happy.  I could live in Target ya know?  

I have done price matching at Walmart in the past and now I am so glad to know I can do it at Target.

Why would anyone do that? Why not just get it from the store with the ad?  Well a few reasons, 
the store ads (I use Villarita (sp?) and Superior) for extremely cheap produce  because the produce from these stores go bad very quickly.  I get all Target's good produce for the extremely cheap price!! 

Also, so I don't have to go to seven different grocery stores to get the cheap prices.  

And lastly I have a Target debit Red Card, so I save %5 on everything.  

Okay here is the comparison.  Target's pictures are on top.  Walmart on the bottom.  

Prices: Target Vs. Walmart 

Target Muscle Milk (I bought for my hubby) $20.99 
Walmart Muscle Milk (had to picture online) $21.96 

Target Wins!

Heavy whipping cream Target $3.79 Market Pantry brand
Heavy whipping cream Walmart $3.58 Great Value brand 

Walmart's is cheaper, but with my %5 off Red card, Target's brand is really $3.60 

Target Market Pantry sour cream 16 oz $1.47
Walmart Great Value sour cream 16 oz $1.48 

Score another for Target!

Target Up & Up medium trash bags 60 for $4.99 ($.08 a trash bag)
Walmart Great Value tall trash bags 32 for $3.97 ($.12 a trash bag)
They are different sizes, I couldn't find medium trash bags at Walmart.

La Bella gel for my boys Target and Walmart both $1.84!

Target Up & Up milk and honey hand soap 64 oz $4.49
Walmart didn't have a Great Value milk and honey, only a 64 oz Soft Soap for $4.88

Target Wins!

Target Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste $3.84
Walmart Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste $4.25!!

Whoa big win for Target!!!
(PS We only use this tooth paste and I love it. It's really made a difference in my oral health and I think helped in healing my cavity.)

Target and Walmart Gain dish soap (my fave!) both $1.97

Target's Up & Up sandwich bags 150 for $3.49 ($.02 a bag)
Walmart's Great Value sandwich bags 200 for $3.97 ($.02 a bag)

Tied again.

Target's Market Pantry boneless skinless chicken breast $6.99 (came w free hot dogs!)
Walmart's Great Value boneless skinless chicken breast $6.98

I'd say Target one because of the free hot dogs. Right?

Target's Market Pantry Red Wine Vinegar $1.42 for 12.7 oz
Walmart didn't have a Great Value of normal Red Wine Vinegar, just garlic flavored which I didn't want! So I pictured the cheapest one 12 oz $1.78

Target wins!!!

Target Celery $1.58
Walmart Celery $1.67

Target wins again!!

Target potatoes 5lbs $2.99 ($.60 a lb)
Walmart potatoes 10lbs $4.97 ($.50 a lb)

Walmart wins one.

The horrendous lines at Walmart.......

So who wins?? 


Especially with my Red Card discount, PLUS I used the Cartwheel app (Target discount app!!! awesome!) PLUS Target gives coupons (Walmart doesn't) and you can use manufacturers coupons on top of that.  

My total savings with price matching just produce, using my Red Card and the Cartwheel app was about $50 on my whole grocery budget!!!!! 

Totally worth it.  I love Target, it's way more of a pleasant experience.  

I also compared prices on diapers from Costco to Target.  With the Cartwheel discount plus my Red Card discount I got a total of %10 off diapers and it was cheaper at Target.  

Some things are cheaper at Walmart, like shoes and clothes, but you can find amazing sale prices at Target, and they have better selections.  PLUS..... with the Red Card (yes I am saying it again...) you get %5 off.  So there you have it.  

Anyone else find amazing deals at Target??


Kendra said...

1. I LOVE Target!
2. Target trash bags are the best, I prefer them over name brands like Glad!
3. I have a Target Redcard and now I MUST download the cartwheel app.

The Skinny on Staci said...

Our Target is 30 minutes away and in a majorly congested area. :( Walmart is only 10 minutes away, and I go late in the eve and use self checkout to avoid the lines. I buy all I can from Aldi's, Kroger, and Publix and then just get my "have-to's" from WM. Lol You put a lot of time into the comparisons. Kudos to you!