Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Goals

I have been working hard on a schedule for once Shane starts school.  It is going to throw a huge change into our current routine.  I'm frustrated because I feel like I can't nail it down.  So for now I am just listing a few goals I have for myself.  :) {Super exciting post right?}

Morning Goals- 
* Get up, make bed right away {need to get into this habit!} 
* Brush teeth
* Get dressed {I want to buy some cheap dresses and comfy "House" clothes so I'm not in PJ's all day.  Especially since I will have to pick up Shane everyday from school at noon. 
* Do a load of laundry right away, and put it on my bed.  Fold it right away, but put away after boys wake up 
* Devotions/Bible/Pray {Already do, but I have some bible reading goals}
* Make breakfast {enough for everyone, usually I make bf just for hubby at this time} and lunch for hubby 
* Write/Work on blog 
* Walk a couple mornings a week

Day Time goals- 
* Reading time with boys
* Have boys color
* Tuesday/Thursday "homeschool" Cody K4 
* Make boys nutrious food
*  Make boys do chores 
* Log my food into My Fitness Pal {not to count calories since I'm pregnant... just as a journal!} 

Night time goals- 
* Do dishes and run dishwasher every night (already been doing this, and I LOVE it. Just started & is such a blessing to wake up to a clean kitchen!) 
*Pray with boys
* Bible with boys as well as story
*Boys lights out by 8pm
* Me lights out by 10 pm

Okay so that was way more than a few.

Yesterday my I got an iPhone 4s! yay! Reece dropped my old phone in a cup of water.  So my Mom said she'd buy me an iPhone for my bday, which is in a couple weeks! (ack! 28!)

The Lord was so good, and when I called to see if Target had a white iPhone 4s the man told me they were going on sale on Sunday, so with the sale, plus they gave me $30 for my old phone ($25 off coupon for a new phone when you trade in a phone, plus $5 for my phone value), and I used my Redcard, I got it for $67 total (that's including tax, which is $50 because in CA is based on retail price, stupid taxes).  THEN I got a $25 Target gift card on top of all that! Super! So today, I am selling my iPod for $80,  then using my Target $25 gift card to get my husband a new iPhone.  It's $49 plus $50 tax, but minus $25 for trading in his phone, PLUS $24 for the value of his iPhone 3gs, so we will pay $25 out of pocket total for his new phone, AND get a $25 gift card to Target so it's basically FREE! Amazing deal right now. THAT'S better than getting a free iPhone 4 because we'd still have to pay $50 tax.
Yay for savings, sales, coupons, and beign frugal.  And yay that I will be able to blog more with my iPhone.

Thank you for listening. I love you.


Becca said...

Don't freak out about nailing down a schedule. Honestly, I can do one. Instead I have routines... Basically your goals. I do certain things in the morning, certain things in the afternoon, and certain things at night. It makes sure things get done but I don't freak out if something is out of whack on a certain day. (somebody gets sick, there's no school, David has a weird day off etc.)

The Skinny on Staci said...

I love sitting around making schedules!!! :) I only ever follow them for 2 weeks, but still. LOL I also love cleaning up my kitchen completely the night before. Makes an amazing difference in my morning AND in my morning mood. You might enjoy making a loose plan of "one load of laundry each day, dusting on Mondays, vacuuming on Mondays and Thursdays, mopping on Friday," etc. With the kids, one time I scheduled certain days for puzzles, certain days for play dough, etc. We would read every day. Each one of the kids got to pick one or two books for me to read, and I would read to them. We also make a weekly trip to the library. Anyway, you will figure out what works best for you all! Oh, and I am loving living in knit dresses/skirts/tops! Ha!