Thursday, October 31, 2013

Still Pregnant?!! YES!

YES I am still pregnant.  Even though I'm only 3 days "over due" I feel like I'm 2 weeks over due.  I am SOOOOO uncomfortable.  When I get out of bed to pee or get up for the day I can't walk for a few seconds because my round ligament is so tight.  I wish I would have bought and worn a belly band or wrap thing for support!

My husband had today off.  You all know we breed our labs right? Belle our oldest is in heat, and she needed to be taken to the breeders TODAY.  What timing right?

I was very nervous about him going because it's a 3 hour drive one way! But if we didn't take her today we would miss this heat, and we'd have to wait 6 months. I woke up with my husband at 5am and made him breakfast and packed a lunch for him. I went back to bed, and intended on waking up at 7 to take Shane to school but I didn't wake up until the boys did at 8am! Ack! I felt terrible! I would've rushed him off to school but was feeling very yucky and nauseous.  Poor Shane missed school because I didn't feel well.

 Luckily my husband is on his way home now and all seems to be ok ;) I've been getting contractions all morning/afternoon but they go away when I get up to clean or walk around.  So frustrating! Remember my dream birth? Well I am suppose to go into labor today!!! Come on baby! ;) Also, my mom isn't here so who would take the boys trick or treating?

My Mom was going to come yesterday but after my Tuesday appointment where I found out I'm only 1cm w a pretty hard cervix I decided to have her wait.  What a bummer that was! 3 weeks ago I was 1cm %80 effaced! Apparently it can go backwards...what the heck.   OH AND omgosh...I gained SIX pounds last week! How?? I have hardly any room in my tummy! I barely eat, my appetite is so odd! Seriously I don't even crave food. Except Eggnog. And Chocolate.  Oh and that In & Out Burger I had yesterday.....Ok whatever....

I love Dr. Hikakah though, (the only dr I like!).  He was like, "Hmmm have you started swelling a lot in the last few days?"  He didn't even mention my weight but I know he was like, whoa....6 lbs.... then he checked my ankles and said, "Wow no swelling! Well good!"  That means I gained 6 lbs of FAT!?? Oh geeze.   I am so ready to lose this weight.  Loving my weight loss journal I made. I am motivated!!!! I went to the chiro yesterday and then to Target and walked.  Day before I walked Costco and Target.  Come on baby!

Dr. Hikakah said he knew I didn't want an induction but he really didn't want me going passed 41 weeks 4 days.  I told him to schedule me for Nov 7 when he is working, 40 weeks 3 days. BUT he said I can always push it back and he is okay with my decision (so nice not to be pushed!).

Which I will push it back unless the baby needs to be induced. I have non stress tests scheduled until then to monitor the baby.  So far baby looks great though Praise The Lord!

 I really don't want to be induced at all.  But honestly I can't bare the thought of being pregnant another week from today! Going anywhere is like, "You're STILL pregnant!". Ya know?
 Not getting sleep, limping, no motivation to do anything...OKAY enough complaining! I am BLESSED!!!!! I have friends that have trouble carrying their babies to term! I am so lucky! I just can NOT wait to hold him and see his face :)

Say a prayer this baby comes soon! I know he will come in God's time!

Evening primrose oil and Red Raspberry anyone? :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Monday, October 28, 2013

40 weeks!

I can hardly believe the big "D Day" is here!!!! It went by so slow, yet so fast.  How? Idaknow. 

I am beyond ready, but truth be told, I could be pregnant for another two weeks!!! Especially since my due date is based off  ultrasound, not my last period.  Because I was nursing I had one cycle, then didn't get another one.  Based on my cycle it would have been Oct 7 due date, but obviously that passed!

I'm worried about the doctors trying to push me to induce.  That would really put a damper in my natural birth dreams.  The doctor I love said as long as all is well we can go to 42 weeks.  

Yesterday I thought it was it.  I woke up at 5:58 am by a strong contraction (that never happens).  They came 15 mins apart for over an hour.  I decided to get up and shower for church and they went away.  Then they came back.  At church I had a few good ones, got up to walk the halls and they stopped.  What a bummer.  My friend that is a nurse said the barometer pressure is dropping today a lot and they expect a lot of babies being born tonight.  So this morning I called the hospital and asked who the on call doctor for Kaiser is and she told me it's the Dr. I reeeeaaaaallllyyyyyy DON'T WANT. 

I told the baby to stay put today ;) 

I never mentioned why I don't want this dr did I?  Well, a couple weeks ago I had an apt with him, and I had requested a Group B Strep test because they were already planning on giving me antibiotics based on a urine sample at 9 weeks.  I treated it naturally and wanted a real test.  The nurse emailed that would be fine.   I get there, get undressed (blah) sit in the cold room with the tiny paper sheets on trying to hide my bum and he comes in.  He doesn't even mention the test.  He started lecturing me on my weight gain and telling me my baby has a higher risk of diabetes and so on.  He also asked if I was contracting and started to tell me my baby was big (no ultrasound or anything).  This was 38 weeks, he said I measured 40 weeks and I could tell he was going to suggest an induction soon to avoid a "Big baby".  Well I nipped that in the bud by telling him I've gained more with my other sons and they were all a healthy 7 pound range.  Even my 9 day late baby.  

Then he goes to check me, which I was undressed for the GBS test, and I told him to please be careful that with Reece the doctor accidentally broke my water.  He said, "Well I tend to be rough.  Not gonna promise it won't happen." as he begins checking me!  Rude. 

Still 1cm, and the week before a different dr said I was very soft and %80 effaced.  This dr said I was maybe %20 effaced and my uterus was posterior and began discussing the size of the baby again.  Now I'm annoyed. Ask him about the GBS test and he refuses to do it.  He said it doesn't matter if it said negative now because I had it at 9 weeks I AM getting antibiotics. Like he owned me! 

 Ok, I get over that quick, then I tell him I hope to have a natural birth.  

He began telling me all the reasons that would hinder me from having an unmedicated birth.  "The best way for you to have a natural birth is to stay home for a long time but YOU can't do that. You have GBS and we need to give you antibiotics at least 4 hours before the baby is born."  Then he said if my water breaks I'm not allowed out of bed, even to pee...I can't walk around period, and these words actually came out of his mouth: "I can't have you in labor for two days.  It's a hospital not a resort.  We want you in and out. You're taking up someone else's bed."  UNBELIEVABLE! I've never encountered a dr like this! I was almost in tears! I wouldn't be in labor two days anyways...this is my 4th baby and they have all been rather quick.  He was suggesting I can't labor with out pitocin.  

When I told my husband he was so upset.  He wished he was there.  He said, "It's not a resort, it's a factory!" 

So now you know why I don't want him to deliver my baby ;) and he will be there another 18 hours from now.  

Oh a happier note, I am so excited to see my baby's sweet face! I can't wait to kiss him and hug him.  I pray everything goes smoothly.  I'm also so ready to start losing weight again.  I have been eating way too much chocolate and eggnog.  

Ok, maybe the last post before baby?? 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

39.5 weeks!!!

So. I am so ready to have this baby! I know I keep complaining every post, but I cannot believe my muscles keep tweaking out on me! and I'm so uncomfortable.

Every night I clean my house, I tidy up all the toys, clean the kitchen, vacuum, and I fold all the blankets, just in case it's the night and someone has to come watch the boys.

Last night in church, I got a huge contraction! I really thought WHOA. 

I went to Costco yesterday, and finished grocery shopping today. So now I have a full tank of gas, a clean car, a fullfridge, a full  freezer, and all my bags packed. I'm ready to go!!!! 

But I'm actually happy that the baby hasn't come yet, my mom has a party to go to Friday night that she really doesn't want to miss, and I would feel so bad if she had to miss it. I have friends to watch the boys while I'm in labor until my mom gets here, but no one to watch them for the couple days that I would be in the hospital. 

I'm really so excited for the birth!! Although, I am very nervous! I'm just not sure if I'm going to be able to do it naturally the way I want to. I know I can, but I just keep thinking about Reece's birth and how much pain I was in!  you can say "I'm going to do it!!" but really once you feel the pain, that's when I  decide.

I do feel much more confident this time. I have a Doula, my husband and I are more prepared for the horrific pain, ;) and mentally i am ready. I just hope and pray that it goes smoothly and how it want it to.

I've been so tired I've been getting fast food a couple times a week the last couple weeks. Not good!! I hate fast food, but I'm just so tired and don't have the energy to cook. It's bad for us, and breaks the bank. No excuse. 

Also, I'm addicted to eggnog. Also expensive. So if my baby comes out 11 pounds you can directly attribute it to eggnog.  

Thanks for reading this whiny post. 
39 weeks 3 days today!!!!!! Went into labor this time tomorrow (39 weeks 4 days) with Reece! 

Not getting my hopes up. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weight Loss Journal

I have been desperately trying to distract myself from the fact that I'm still pregnant. And probably will be for at least another week. Sigh. 

So, I made a new weight loss journal for after the baby comes. 

I love it. It's pretty and it's full of blank pages that I can't wait to fill in! 

I got the Smash book on sale. Score. I am IN LOVE with the "Weekly weigh in" section i made. That alone was worth the buy. I am such a sucker for journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, calendars, and planners. Seriously I have so many. :-) 

I am not planning on starting trying to lose weight until a week or two postpartum. We will see how I feel. And even then I am starting really slow, counting calories. My goal is 2,000 a day because of breastfeeding. But more than that, I NEED to stay up on my fruits/veggies, protein, and water to ensure a good milk supply.  

I did get a postpartum stomach wrap. I researched them and they are really suppose to help your stomach shrink down. I didn't buy an expensive one. Just a cheap one with good reviews off amazon. Ill post pics of before and after I wear it. I think I'll start that when I get home from the hospital. 

For me, losing weight while breastfeeding is veeeerrrrryyyy slow.  I'm accepting that. But I know me, and if I don't try* then ill go in the opposite direction. 

I'm excited to start walking/running again too when I am physically able!!! 

So. I updated my weight tracker. Sad face. I updated it, and it looks like I've gained 55 back, but remember my lowest weight was after I lost 9 lbs while super sick in the first trimester.  So I actually have gained about 44 pounds (I was down 2 yesterday!) either way...I'm back to needing to lose 75lbs or so to reach my goal weight of 144. 

I have good feelings. It's gonna happen. This is MY year. These next several months are going to be including some very busy, very exciting changes in our family. Not just adding a 4th boy, but other BIG things as well. And reaching my goal while I'm 28 will be one! 

I have a prenatal appointment tonight. Opting out from being checked. I have been 1cm the last two weeks. Did I tell you all about my horrible awful doctors appointment last week??  If not ill save it for next post. It's long. But let's just say I saw the rudest dr. He said awful things, and if he's on call when I go in labor I'm driving down to LA to deliver. Praying that doesn't happen! 

I'm so done being pregnant. I can't sleep, i pee ALL the stomach is muscles are all tweaking out!! My sciatica, my groin, my round ligament, my calfs and my jaw. All super tight and will cramp up randomly!! Also. I can't get up. Seriously. If I lay down it takes me at least 30 seconds to get up. I'm a turtle on my back. 

I've been using my magnesium oil to help my muscles.. And stretching. Here's to praying the baby comes soon! 

Love, The Curvy Housewife 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super Easy Freezer Meals

Again!! Been almost a week!!! Gah. Yesterday I felt very icky. Then suddenly had a major nesting spurt. 

I prepared 12 freezer meals (6 more cooking today to make 18! I had to bake a whole chicken for these).

I cleaned the kitchen. Rearranged a messy cupboard. Did lots of laundry. Vacuumed the whole house. Baked a pie. And wrote our birth plan. 

I've also been working on Birth Cards to read and prepare and to have Davey or my doula read to me in labor. 

I have several verses written on the cards, as well as relaxation techniques like: "Drop your head into the pillow, don't hold it up with your neck muscles." 

Also "emotional signposts" from the Bradley method (great book!). The book says, you can tell where a woman is in labor based on her behavior. For instance:
 1st signpost is Excitement. Smiles, talking, packing. This is early labor. 

2nd Signpost is Seriousness. Not talking much, concentrating, no more smiles. About the time to go to hospital. 

3rd Signpost is self doubt. Baby will be here soon! THIS IS WHERE I WAS WITH REECE!! Wish I would have read this book!! The author says, these emotional behaviors show more accurately where a women is than checking dilation. She says, if a women is in Self Doubt, and is having contractions 60-90 seconds long at least two mins apart (mine were 70-90sec every 60 seconds w Reece), the baby will be crowning very soon. She specifically said if a lady is at 4cm and in Self Doubt (I was stuck at 4) it doesn't matter. You can go from 4-10 very quickly!! Which I did once I got the epidural lol. I just had to STOP tensing and stop fighting the contractions. 

I'm not sure how I feel about labor being right around the corner. I'm scared. I'm anxious. I'm excited. I am SO ready to not be pregnant. So uncomfortable. 

I'm also sad!!! Sounds crazy but it's like when you prepare for a huge event and suddenly it's over. Although I know it's not's just the beginning!!!! I feel like I need a goal or something to work towards right away to keep me from being blue. Of course losing weight, but also.... Like a race....uh oh....I may on impulse buy a race spot. ;) Jk 

I'm SO excited to see my baby. What is he gonna look like? How big will be be? Hair color? Prayerfully %100 healthy!!! :)

Due date is in 12 days! AND.......don don don. I'm going to update my weight tracker -----> gah.

I've gained 46lbs!!! I'm ok with it though. My weight tracker will say I've gained more because I lost 9 lbs being sick, but i don't count those ;-)

Anyways. About the freezer meals! I made 6 (so far) and doubled them =12. I plan to use one for before baby one for after and keep making some until the baby is born. Somehow it saves us money to do this!! I think I should always do this! 

Super Easy Freezer Meals 

Doubled each: 
Sweet & sour chicken w carrots (crockpot) will serve w rice. 

Teriyaki chicken w pineapple for sandwiches (also crockpot) 

Garlic & Herb chicken w carrots & green beans will serve w rice (crock pot) 

Those three chicken ones are just raw chicken w veggies & marinade. SO EASY. 

Italian sausage w broccoli & sauce already cooked just need to heat and serve w noodles

Chicken & dumplings already made just warm in crockpot (an easy favorite: three cans cream if chicken/mushroom, milk, frozen veggies, chicken, and cut up tortillas all in crockpot! Yum. 

Chicken burritos- black beans, chicken, corn, cheese and Mexican rice. Already all cooked just need to warm. 

And breakfast burritos- eggs, sausage and cheese. 

Also making crockpot chicken fajitas, and chicken casserole :-) 

I spent about $250 on groceries..that includes items I didn't use for the meals as well and we got MORE meals than usual! 

I bought the huge bag of frozen chicken from Costco for $20 which made 9 meals! Also bought a package of tortillas at Costco $4 and you get plenty. Cheddar cheese block from Costco $4, ground sausage from Costco $6, spicy sausage links from Costco for $7, Marinara sauce from Costco (was on sale) $6 for two huge ones. I also used organic carrots from Costco (huge bag lasts forever! $6-7 I think). 

The canned soup and sauces I bought at Winco (a cheap store here, like an Auldis). 

Now I KNOW the sauces and soups aren't from scratch, but I'm 9 months pregnant. Give me some slack :-) 

Although I did just make a berry pie from scratch, including the crust. Yum. 

Ok maybe next time I post ill have a baby :-) follow on Facebook or Twitter for updates! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Goodness me! I can't believe I haven't posted in a week!  I mean to everyday but I'm downing in things to do before the baby comes. 

Not fun things either. like, file all paperwork, sort coupons, iron, laundry (lots. As usually), organize our junk drawer (seriously can't even open). Go grocery shopping. 
Oh and make and freeze two weeks worth if food!! Yikes way to wait to the last minuet Adrienne. 

Then there's the fun things. Finish baby shopping, put together diaper bag, pack hospital bag, finish organizing and decorating baby room, make a birth plan (just to have!), finish reading my books on birth, and finish crocheting the baby blanket!! 

We had our shower last Saturday. What a blessing!!! Got lots of stuff, including a carseat (thanks to my awesome sis in law!!) and a double stroller (thank you mom!!) and lots of clothes and diapers!! (Thank you MIL, Grandma & other sis in law!!) got lots of baby books too as we asked for and an adorable pirate lamp for the babies room. And other things I'm forgetting ;-) My mom did the decorations and I love them!!! Hanging in his room. Pics soon I promise!! 

Here are some photos from the shower (it was sailor theme!) :) My awesome Aunt made the cake!!! And my great aunt had it at her house. So thankful everyone came together for my wee little one. 

I had a prenatal appointment last night. Not good: I've gained 40 pounds. (Could be worse...I'm not too worried). 

Good news: blood pressure is awesome. No swollen body parts.  And I'm 1cm & %80 effaced!! 

I was NOT planning on getting checked this pregnancy at all. He actually came in and said "you didn't have to listen to the nurse when she said put on the gown, I know you don't want to be checked." But curiosity got me. 

He was very surprised my cervix was so soft already (still have 19 days to go). He said the effacment is what matters and not dilation...(I did not know that!). Today I've been getting lots of contractions.  I'm pretty sure baby will be on time or late, but I did got kinda freaked out because I'm not totally ready yet!!! 

So after my apt I went to target and bought newborn diapers and some major necessities. 

Stuff is getting REAL! 

Oh and OUCH...I pulled my round ligament and I can barely walk!! That plus my sciatica is really making me limp around . Seeing chiro tomorrow. 

Ok gotta go file papers. Yay. 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Things you can Do in your sleep

Oh my goodness it's been such a busy week!!!! Last week we had ladies conference at church, then a weekend full of soccer, baking, and NESTING! Yes I've been super busy working on the nursery.  We can't afford to do all the decorations and everything I want to right now (gonna be Sailor theme!!!), but I did budget to get an extra closet poles for both sets of boy rooms.  I'll upload pics as soon as it's done :) I can't BELIEVE I'm about to have 4 boys!!! Well I already do have 4 boys... but you 4 of them!

Washing baby clothes and putting it all away, then oh, yes...the 5 people that currently wear clothes are all making I've been behind on laundry like mad.  Anyways enough rambling.

I wanted to share some things from one of the sessions from our ladies conference.  This one was called "Cleaning out the Attic" it was managing and organizing the of course I had to go! :) I loved this: No.....LOVED it. 

"5 Things you can do in your sleep"
1. Cook in the crock pot
2. Have the dish washer going
3. Have the coffee timer set to go on in the morning
4. Have a load of whites soaking in bleach
5. Be washing/drying laundry

LOVE LOVE LOVED that.  Thank you Mrs. Naverette!

I am still doing my nightly routine of having dishes washing as I go to sleep, and I gotta's like a rush haha (I'm so lame!).

Now if I could do all 5 of those and go to wow I would be soooo on cloud 9! I'm gonna try :)

She also said to go to every room of the house, sit down in it, and look around.  Have a throw away bag, a Goodwill bag, and a Doesn't belong here bag.  Great idea.

Then another one I loved was she said she wants to decorate her home in a way that reflects Christ.  All our things don't matter.  They will all be burned up one day or sitting in a dump somewhere, but if we can point our family and guests to scripture and godly things, our decorations can have a purpose.  I really liked that.  

GUESS WHAT! Baby is due in 27 days!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm counting.  But okay, I've had some pretty serious Braxton Hicks contractions today.  Maybe it's because my good friend gave birth last night! So jealous.  Going today to see her. 

Also.....have I mentioned I got a DOULA! Such an answer to prayer!!!!!!!!!!!! Very thankful.   Ok more soon.  Love ya.