Thursday, October 24, 2013

39.5 weeks!!!

So. I am so ready to have this baby! I know I keep complaining every post, but I cannot believe my muscles keep tweaking out on me! and I'm so uncomfortable.

Every night I clean my house, I tidy up all the toys, clean the kitchen, vacuum, and I fold all the blankets, just in case it's the night and someone has to come watch the boys.

Last night in church, I got a huge contraction! I really thought WHOA. 

I went to Costco yesterday, and finished grocery shopping today. So now I have a full tank of gas, a clean car, a fullfridge, a full  freezer, and all my bags packed. I'm ready to go!!!! 

But I'm actually happy that the baby hasn't come yet, my mom has a party to go to Friday night that she really doesn't want to miss, and I would feel so bad if she had to miss it. I have friends to watch the boys while I'm in labor until my mom gets here, but no one to watch them for the couple days that I would be in the hospital. 

I'm really so excited for the birth!! Although, I am very nervous! I'm just not sure if I'm going to be able to do it naturally the way I want to. I know I can, but I just keep thinking about Reece's birth and how much pain I was in!  you can say "I'm going to do it!!" but really once you feel the pain, that's when I  decide.

I do feel much more confident this time. I have a Doula, my husband and I are more prepared for the horrific pain, ;) and mentally i am ready. I just hope and pray that it goes smoothly and how it want it to.

I've been so tired I've been getting fast food a couple times a week the last couple weeks. Not good!! I hate fast food, but I'm just so tired and don't have the energy to cook. It's bad for us, and breaks the bank. No excuse. 

Also, I'm addicted to eggnog. Also expensive. So if my baby comes out 11 pounds you can directly attribute it to eggnog.  

Thanks for reading this whiny post. 
39 weeks 3 days today!!!!!! Went into labor this time tomorrow (39 weeks 4 days) with Reece! 

Not getting my hopes up. 


Kendra said...

Take a deep breath. Soon enough you'll have baby boy #4 in your arms. I'm praying that you have the delivery you've dreamed of... but remember, all that matters in the end is that sweet baby in your arms.

Lisa said...

Sending good thoughts & prayers your way for a speedy (but not too speedy!) delivery & a healthy bouncing baby boy!

Lauryn Roth said...

11 lbs and eggnog!! LOL you crack me up girl!!! Good luck I hope everything works out great!!! :) Cant wait to see that sweet baby boy!!!